The Princess of Zunuria

We begin this adventure with a group who once worked for the Serpen, but on a fateful day they are able to escape and land on a mysterious planet where they will embark on a new adventure. This planet is known as the world of Zunuria, a land full of dangers, beauty, friends, foes and surprises at every turn. The group gets separated, but you will get to control various characters throughout the game to progress the story, although you will mostly be controlling a male ex Serpen soldier named Zed who has escaped from the Serpen.

It is hundreds of years in the future and humans have begun to leave the overcrowded fading planet Earth to discover new worlds and spacestations to build anew. In a galaxy we have not yet discovered yet, most humans have settled into the galaxy of Jin and settled on a planet known as Zunuria because it most resembles Earth. After some initial wars in making claims over territories, society has now rebuilt itself over the ashes into a more peaceful place, where humans, aliens, and creatures of many kinds coexist and live in harmony.

However, a new evil has begun to rise in the form of an Empire known as the Serpen. They are an increasingly destructive and powerful force with mysterious power and aggressive recruiting schemes so they only grow stronger and stronger by the day…

Developer: SerpenSoldier – Patreon
Censorship: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Space, Romance, Masturbation, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Tentacles, Handjob, Big tits, Groping, Footjob, 2dcg, 3dcg, Animated, Bdsm, Combat, Dating sim, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Monster girl, Voyeurism

1- Extract to desired location
2- Run ThePrincessofZunuria.exe

Rating: 2.8/5. From 49 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Shame the dev effectively canceled the game. The renders look great.

RanCor (RC33)

This is the biggest piece of shit on this website. The story is a collection of multiple aspects from different characters and makes no sense whatsoever, not to mention lewd scenes are a rarity. No buildup of no kind and after a short while, you will get switched to another character’s view. No wonder this trash heap is on hold.

Anonymous Fapper

Way too many stories at once and no sex and every choice they dont want you to use kills you.

Anonymous Fapper

Had some saves from earlier version. Every one i loaded ended up as game over. Every loaded one took about 30 seconds before i could see text screen and start going to my game over point. Game sucks and would not recommend it to anyone.


This game, so far at least, is bad.
It’s actually doing a lot of good : there is an actual, complete story, a lot of caracters, the girls are hot and the renders are good, this is a very nice work in the making. The only downside is that the storytelling is poor, especially the slow caracter introductions we have every time. It’s boring and way too long. But the UI is great, there are many sounds in the game, even voices, and a couple of original ideas. Overall, this is a very good work.


Its failure, though, is as a porn game. THERE IS NO SEX. Nudity, yes, but despite going into situation that were begging for it, I’ve only seen ONE actual sex scene. Having a story is good, but having only a story and no porn is a mistake in a porn game.
Also, the renders are good… while they last. The idea of having style changes is original, but why would you enjoy seeing less and less sexy girls along the game ?
Nice renders, story and caracters, but overall bad porn game.