The Stalker

This game tells the story of Aaron, a young man who lives with his parents and his sister, as he grows up he sees the world in a different way and with that he starts to obtain secrets that through you can decide whether to use it For the good or for the bad.

Developer: jrbgames – Patreon | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: ntr, blowjob, masturbation, blackmail, mother, son, sister, anal sex, vaginal sex, young, corruption, incest

Extract and install.

Rating: 3.0/5. From 57 votes.
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Is Chapter 2 end of the game?


And another person, I love this metaverse where we can live everything, desires fulfilled without affecting us physically and psychologically. And I will fight to the end for this. I tried to make this game in unreal, I was so in love with the project, but unfortunately my PC is very weak, I ended up giving up, even if you don’t support anyone’s project, spread this metaverse, because our world is so dirty and people are so bad and this is ours refuge.

Anonymous Fapper

Everything but no Male MC straight path? But no foursome of MC with 3 girls in male MC straight path? Maybe Netori = MC fucking married womans. Cucking NPCs.

If you want “everything”, make ntr-gay MC voyeur path. But add SEX SCENES in alternative male MC straight path too. Path with MC fucking girls to players not interesed in gay peep on boys. And make gay MC voyeur-NTR path 100% avoidable.

I will try your game after MALE MC STRAIGH PATH start (IF START ONE DAY). And if 100% of dick fetish (gay futa ntr) avoidable. Good luck.

Anonymous Fapper

Fuck you! GTFOH with your gay , futa shit for faggots !

Anonymous Fapper

It’s all great but why did you made a teenage sister tattooed like yakudza?

Anonymous Fapper

Because he is an idiot who thinks girls in tattoos are somehow “cool” and sexually appealing. He is most likely a Beta soyboy , antifa-sjw type of idiot.


hello people,
I’m the developer of the game first I wanted to thank you just for playing.
I apologize because it is my first game and my PC is not the best.
but I will do my best to improve and thank you for the positive and negative comments and through the negative ones I will absorb to improve the game.


Hello, retard. Thanks for giving the world another piece of shit NTR garbage game nobody wanted, and more thanks for further cluttering up the internet with useless trash.

Hope your shitty trash game fails like all the other cuck garbage so frequently does.

Anonymous Fapper

Game starts with sudden attack by very loud music hitting player right in the head and everyone in the house despite the headphones. That’s solid fail thank you so much.

#KillTheDevs #KillThemAll ...mostly.

If I had made this game I would scour it from the internet and maybe change my name out of shame.

Anonymous Fapper

1 GB and no content. What a wanted of time


the cuck mental illness shit keep popping up, fuckin sad.
grow some fuckin balls loser and stop playing this cuck shit.
even worse supporting cuck dev.
no wonder no women’s wants you, kek.