Thirsty Pathogen

Imagine waking up in your hospital room and no one around. What’s more, the whole hospital looks abandoned, and all of New Kroy is in ruins.

That’s the fate that met Ethan in the game Thirsty Pathogen. A couple of months ago, his father was laid off from his job. His sister disappeared 2 years ago, and the search for her led nowhere. The adult world he aspired to lies beneath his feet and somewhere in the far away fallen buildings, just like his dreams and goals of his quiet life. In this chaos he was able to find his sister, who doesn’t even recognize him, doesn’t talk at all, and half of her body is covered in mysterious ashy spots.

Is it war? Or have we been attacked by terrorists? Why did my sister only show up now and what happened to her? So many questions and no answers…
Now, in this empty and ruined city, he must fight to survive and protect those left alive in this ruthless and dangerous world​.

Developer: Silent Pyramid – SubscribeStarItchDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, 3dcg, adventure, big ass, big tits, corruption, harem, horror, incest, male protagonist, milf, monster girl, romance, rpg, teen

Extract and run “Game.exe”.


Minor texts orthographic corrections (Sorry for that, english is not my native language)
Fixed the false positive issue with the antivirus. Shouldn’t be any problems now
Minor changes for Quests log
Added button “Exit” in title menu
Removed mentions about Patreon. Now the only platform to support this game is SubscribeStar
New icons for items
You can now change your name (available at computer in your room)
Changed the relationships between characters:
Emma is your sister (in game “Sister”)
Lori is your mother (in game “Mom”)
Note: These changes cannot be modified, they are based on the lore of the game. So “Landlady” and “Roommate” was exclusive for Patreon only
Now you can see how currupted girls are by pressing “C” (This information will be transferred to the HUD in next update)
New HUD:
Time of day
Amounts of Food
Water and Materials
Added cheat menu (available at computer in your room)
Edit corruption points
Edit base supplies (water, food, materials)
“God Mode” cheat
“Supply” cheat
Note: Only people in SubscribeStar of tier “Survivor” and above have code for access to use this cheats
New features: Lock picking, Supplies scavenging, Bunker Supplies, Fighting
Lock picking works on this formula:
If Intellect < 5, you have 5 seconds to complete QTE event with 6 inputs
If Intellect 50, you have 5 seconds to complete QTE event with 4 inputs
Note: Each attempt uses one of your lock picks. If you run out of them, you won’t be able to pick the lock
Supplies scavenging works on this formula:
If Intellect < 5, chances to find something = 50%
If Intellect 50, chances to find something = 100%
Note: Food and Water from 5 to 20; Materials from 1 to 10
Bunker Supplies decrease each time you sleep. Here’s a formula:
Food & Water – (Survivors count * Cost – Bunker upgrades)
Note: Survivors count = Number of people living in bunker (including you), Cost = The quantity of supply being handed out. Constantly equals “2”, Bunker upgrades = Specific upgrades of your bunker increase this number by 1. Without upgrades = 0Fighting works on this formula:
If Strength < 5, you have 5 seconds to complete QTE event with 5 inputs
If Strength 50, you have 7 seconds to complete QTE event with 3 inputs
Note: If you attacked from behind with knife – instant kill

Rating: 2.8/5. From 12 votes.
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