Trick Or Dick

TrickOrDick is an adult visual novel game. The story is set a week before Halloween as you play a young photographer who inherited his grandfather’s house and moved to another town. In this new town he has a chance to begin anew as nobody knows him yet. He decides to throw a Halloween party in this new town, so he can get to know other people better and get known in the small town community. In the 7 days leading to the party, you will be able to meet people, interact with them and build their affection towards you. The game features multiple romances and endings.

Developer: Pearl Necklace Productions – | GameJolt
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, android, Dating Sim, Multiple Endings, NSFW, Romance, trickordick

Special Anniversary Edition:
The special anniversary edition does not include the mechanics of the full game. The story instead starts a day before the Halloween party, with all 4 girls already being affectionate towards you. It adds 4 new outfits and 4 new endings, one for each girl.

Rating: 3.9/5. From 70 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

*she gets kissed* – “oh im cumming ”
*she gets hug* – “oh im cumming”
*she gets groped* – “oh im cumming”

who the fuck wrote this shit… clearly someone that knows nothing about women. The sad part is that this has some potential, it just needs a better writing.

Anonymous Fapper

lol im just stupid, I wrote in the wrong tab, this comment is for another game. ignore this

Anonymous Faller

this is the internet, you can’t admit your mistakes!

Anonymous Fapper

from now on we must pretend that comment is for this game

Anonymous Fapper

Hey, that’s my line! LOL XD


Great comment. So true it’s even hilarious.

Anonymous Fapper

I’m voting this comment so it can stay at the top

Anonymous Fapper

what game was it¿

Anonymous Fapper

I guess the dev of THIS game has to add those lines now, so that your comment applies here as well
It’s only fair


congratz, you managed to screw up one simple job *claps away*

Judas putas

One of the most hilarious comments I have read on this site

Anonymous Fapper

pretty good for something made with a budget of 30 dollars

Anonymous Fapper

DAZ is free. Models and assets are free (if you know where to look). What was the $30 wasted on — lunch?

Anonymous Fapper

this game is what’s wrong with the society.