Trouble in Paradise

You and your sister are moving to Paradise City for higher education. Both you and your sister are super excited when you finally move out together. The school is great, the people are friendly (and the girls are hot!) and everything seemed to be going well, until you discover something at school that changed your life forever!

Developer: Syko134 – PatreonDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Humor, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, PoV, School Setting, Teasing, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Milf

1. Extract and run.


-> 450+ new images (Short update, more like a build-up for the next one.)
-> 15 new animations, 1 scene

This is (hopefully) the final version of part one. You will need a save from the ending of this part to play the next part without errors.
If you’ve been waiting for a couple of updates to have more content to go through at once, now is the time to catch up!

Rating: 3.8/5. From 454 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

how do you install the patch?

Anonymous Fapper

FYI if you like story over lewd content then this is really for you. I did not really find the story all that interesting, mostly bunch of young people just talking about day to day life. The MC is the typical goody two shoe type of guy, always super nice to most everyone. The sex in the game is pretty generic type of stuff you see in most of these games, and the scenes are usually pretty short.

You date a bunch of girls but there is no harem tag, so guess you will have to make a choice at the end (I didn’t finish the game) Game does not really give you many choices.

in the end I would give the game a 2.5 stars, it is ok.

Anonymous Fapper

I played to the current end. Game has the Harem tag in most site, just this one didn’t give it for some reason. It’s DEFINITELY Harem though. You end up with ALL the girls, they know it, they don’t care if they share you, as long as they get you themselves. Had a nice big group sex scene late in the game where you’re with most of the girls you know.


Sweet, I’ll check it out then.

Anonymous Fapper

nice story, few serious choices, cute characters, good animations. I gave it a 4. Thanks SYKO134

Anonymous Fapper

Nice story??? really? Most of the time you are getting yelled at by half of the girls in the story, you are screwed over by a couple of girls. You have “powers” that are useless. If I was the MC, I would just move away, go to some other country, change my name and start a new life. NONE of the girls are worth taking.


Sounds realistic.

Anonymous Fapper

Does anyone know how to get the Gallery #5 in page 2? I cannot seem to get it.


I keep getting app not installed on my phone any suggestions?


Use a computer.

Anonymous Fapper

Wait for your balls to drop and stop sneaking porn on the phone your parents gave you.