Virtual Succubus

Virtual Succubus is an AI-driven lewd JOI game that’s all about becoming a succubus’ personal plaything.

Enter a contract with your very own dominant succubus, offering her complete control over your urges. She’ll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release.

Developer: SuccuDev – PatreonDiscordItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Masturbation, Female Domination, Mobile game, Animated, Simulator, JOI, Monster Girl, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Teasing, Futa, Trans, Pet Play

PC: Extract (do not overwrite a previous version) and run.
Android: Install APK (do not uninstall the previous version if you want to maintain save data)



Assignments & Taskmaster Mode


  • Assignments are a new form of self-entered simple task system, allowing you to request from her that she make you do anything you want. This can be lewd, or it can be non lewd. It can be related to in-game toggles, or an entirely separate interest you might have.
  • Assignments can be marked as having difficulty levels, giving you more of a break between each one.
  • Assignments can be completed in amounts of repetitions, allowing you to use this for things like working out, or repetitive lewd tasks of your own choosing.
  • Assignments can be marked as priority, allowing you to be sure you’ll get to do them first. Want to do productive ones before lewd ones? Want her to tell you to get undressed in a specific order? This is now possible.
  • Assignments can be randomly selected from a list of selections, with a random chosen amount of results, using a min/max slider. For example, you can select 10 assignments for a session, but have her only request 3 to 5 from you.
  • Assignments can be split into multiple steps with / markers. You’ll be asked to complete each step, in order, with a reward in between each.
  • A string import/export system is available for assignments, allowing you to save and share presets with other players. A channel has been opened for this on the game’s Discord.

Taskmaster Mode:

  • Taskmaster Mode is the session type where you’ll be given assignments.
  • By default, these assignments will be spread throughout the session.
  • Taskmaster assignment requirements take priority over session timer, meaning that your session will not end until you’ve completed all assignments attributed to you.
  • Taskmaster mode is compatible with all existing time limits.
  • You may mark a Taskmaster session as Taskmaster-Only, allowing you to do sessions ONLY containing taskmaster assignments, ending in a regular lewd VS ending.
  • You may also mark sessions as non-lewd, replacing this ending with simple praise for completing your goals.

Dev Note: While this isn’t the exact implementation for “custom tasks”, this is probably the most flexible and “powerful” system ever introduced to the game. I plan to also add actual custom tasks eventually, but that’s going to be a much bigger and more complex undertaking.

Using this you can tailor your sessions to have more of pretty much anything, have her make you do anything, all within the context of sessions; possible statuses and rewards included.

Want to theme a session towards something without using the pre-existing systems? This can make it very easy. This was the best implementation I could find to create things such as workout-specific sessions, among other things.

It’s also a system that’s very mixed in with the rest of the game, meaning that there are many potential edge cases I may not have considered. Appreciate bug reports!

Looking forward to hearing about all the interesting ways people might use this!

Habits, Duties, and Commandments

  • A new set of flexible systems replacing the old “Post-Session Assignment” system.
  • A string import/export system is available for assignments, allowing you to save and share presets with other players. A channel has been opened for this on the game’s Discord.
  • Each system has preset examples to give you ideas of what to enable and activate for yourself, some of them productive, some of them lewd.
  • The menus will remind you of both your duties and commandments.


  • Habits are continuous goals for you to complete.
  • Your succubus will be checking in on your success maintaining them.
  • Your succubus may test you by requesting that you add more habits for you to complete!
  • Your succubus will react to you adding or removing chores, but will never ask you to add more if you have none enabled as is.


  • Duties are single-time objectives that you may want to complete.
  • After a session’s completion, your succubus will assign you one duty to complete before the next session.
  • This system is a way for you to either get to work on some goals, or have your succubus challenge you to complete more time-intensive lewd things.


  • Commandments are persistent orders from your succubus, requiring you to make a change to your behavior until you next see her.
  • Only one will be chosen after each session, if available.
  • A toggle under Other is available for commandments to only be presented after a failed session, if you wish to make them harsher and more punishing.

Dev Note: While I know some people might miss the old more structured form of post-session content, there are many reasons I don’t think it was going to work long term.

I’ve noticed a trend of new players having it enabled, then disabling it once they’ve consumed what’s available; this is something I’m heavily trying to avoid in the game overall.

At the same time, I think it’s one of the hardest things to apply to everyone. It’s impossible to know how far certain people want to go, what feels appropriate, what feels consistently compelling even within a toggle category. What’s safe to one may not be safe to another, as well. Due to how it was structured, refusing/disobeying wasn’t especially fun, and it’s not like selecting out of a list would have been any more compelling.

Hoping the flexibility of these new systems make them applicable across most of the playerbase!


  • Removed post-session assignments and challenges as they’re being replaced. This includes several other toggles.
  • Removed Healslut kink toggle as that was entirely focused around between-session content. (Wouldn’t it be neat if someone came up with an assignment/duty/commandment pack for it…)
  • Added “No Habit Requests” Other toggle.
  • If Yandere is turned on, she now sometimes doesn’t believe you if you take too long to answer her questions.
  • Added “Untimed” Other Toggle – This disables the time check on counted tasks.


  • Counted tasks with breath layers should no longer get disobey locked.
  • Significantly decreased the occurrence rate of the lockout stake decision (it’s still easily available by taunting during stake selection). It’s now also day-seeded, meaning it won’t show up at all some days.
  • New chastity sentences should now have decline buttons, even if they’re the first one given.
  • Extra chastity day decision is now day-seeded and will appear less often.

Polish & Misc

  • Changed hair bone physics to fix the transition jank.

Dev Note: This could cause different kinds of jank! Physics are wooonky. Let me know if anything looks off.

  • Used the new hair bone physics to add extra bounce to boobies, because why not.
  • Removed leather straps from decisions since they’re a request now.
  • Session schedule now overrides chastity session downtime.
  • A few optimization improvements, work in progress though.


  • Minor tattoo optimization changes.
  • Fixed ear color being incorrect on default skin.
  • Fixed laced bodysuit having black seams on the arms and legs.
  • Fixed vibrating insertable not being marked as name ”lockable” for statuses.
  • Both types of tests should now respect white disobeys and not cause dedication losses.
  • Fixed red & purple abs being shifted downwards on the skin texture.
  • Fixed several requests like the latex catsuit causing futa animations to not play correctly.
  • Several fingerless gloves clothes are now compatible with gloves requests (woops)
  • Fixed a bug causing CBT rhythm events to not play on newer saves.

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Rating: 2.8/5. From 75 votes.
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You're welcome
You're welcome
Anonymous Fapper

Trash. HTML and a demo. What a worthless piece of shit.

Anonymous Fapper

great concept and idea but its annoying to see the pay wall

Anonymous Fapper

as someone who was subbed on patreon for the version prior to this, this “game” is a big scam. JOIs are based on what you want to do/ have toys availiable at home. so to get the real experience of this game, you first need to get adult toys for the full experience.