Virtual Succubus

Virtual Succubus is an AI-driven lewd JOI game that’s all about becoming a succubus’ personal plaything.

Enter a contract with your very own dominant succubus, offering her complete control over your urges. She’ll learn about you, and decide what you need to do to earn your release.

Developer: SuccuDev – PatreonDiscordItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Masturbation, Female Domination, Mobile game, Animated, Simulator, JOI, Monster Girl, Humiliation, Sex Toys, Teasing, Futa, Trans, Pet Play

PC: Extract (do not overwrite a previous version) and run.
Android: Install APK (do not uninstall the previous version if you want to maintain save data)

v0.31 R1

  • Content
    • Added ”No Begging” other toggle
    • Sleeve Toy now behaves differently, and is integrated into the stroking types system. You’ll be asked to use it as if it were a stroking variant, which also means you won’t get impossible combinations like “loose strokes” using a sleeve toy.
    • Added the “Toothbrush”, “Hairbrush” and “Fork” toys. These mostly involve pain tasks, but Toothbrush also has some PCEI and CEI content.
    • Added “Penis Pump”, “Clit Pump”, “Vagina Pump” and “Nipple Pump” as toys.
    • Added new whispering task variants on counted say tasks and task layers for silent mode.
  • Polish & Misc
    • Significant rework of the entire in-game UI, moving elements around, hiding certain things behind menus, etc.
    • New in-game button assets.
    • Changed the text on a lot of different buttons. These reworked buttons should have better indication for what’s said to the succubus and what things are actions the player are taking. The intention is to help immersion by making the player feel less detached from the buttons they’re pressing, while also being vague enough to prevent it from taking anyone out of the experience.
    • New reworked mood icons
    • New reworked text divider bar that incorporates the new mood icons and shifts along with her mood.
    • The text containers now adapt in width to the screen resolution, allowing for shorter blocks of text on wider resolutions. This also fixes some issues with extremely narrow screen aspect ratios.
    • New loading bar on the first loading screen.
    • It’s no longer possible to go beyond 100% resolution scaling due to some compatibility issues. The ability to lower resolution is still available for low-end mobile devices.
    • Added a ”Notch Adjustment” toggle in UI options – This lowers some UI elements to accommodate displays with notches.
    • She will no longer comment on the time limit being either short or long if the range has too little difference (less than 10 minutes)
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to remove the knotted status.
    • Animation fixes on ending animations.
    • Various typo fixes.
    • Fixed an outfit that had nails overlaying gloves.
    • Safewording should now correctly remove the asmr fog
    • Fixed the demo end screen
    • Fixed some remaining task layer incompatibilities
    • Fixed a bug preventing task layers from showing on counted tasks
    • Your succubus should no longer comment on you being away for too long if you have timed chastity enabled.
    • Fixed chastity counter tattoo showing the count when hidden chastity duration is enabled.
    • Fixed Yandere laugh not playing an animation

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Rating: 2.8/5. From 141 votes.
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A gaggle of 5K fucking spastics support this garbage. Unbelievable. So many sissy losers in one place.


So some idiot loser dev from – the land and home of the game making failures, used an anime maker to create a dumb AI bot that does absolutely nothing and then stuck it behind a paywall like only so many other loser idiot devs with zero actual talent do.

Anonymous Fapper

Trash. HTML and a demo. What a worthless piece of shit.

Anonymous Fapper

great concept and idea but its annoying to see the pay wall

Anonymous Fapper

as someone who was subbed on patreon for the version prior to this, this “game” is a big scam. JOIs are based on what you want to do/ have toys availiable at home. so to get the real experience of this game, you first need to get adult toys for the full experience.