Welcome to Free Will

After his mother goes missing, a young man and his older brother travel to the small town called Free Will, where she was last seen.
Things get complicated very quickly when he is drawn into a chain of events that takes place in the town and meets the person he thought he would never see again.
As his stay in town continues, he’s going to question his previous decisions and begin to see the true value in life.

Welcome to Free Will Trailer

Developer: MrStrangelove – PatreonDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Male Protagonist, Romance, Big Tits. 3DCG, Big Ass, Titjob, Anal sex, Blowjob, Foot fetish, Minigames, Animated, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Milf, Teasing, Humor, Lesbian, Point and click, Oral sex

Extract and play


280 renders 29 animations 2 journal pages 5 special renders 9 songs – Fixed a bug with the possibility to gain an infinite number of reputation points with Timo. – Fixed a bug with sms app. – Fixed typos from previous episodes.


282 renders 25 animations 1 journal page 4 special renders 4 songs – Fixed bug with phone store app. – Fixed typos.


831 renders 49 animations 2 journal pages 9 special renders 22 songs – Added Discord Rich Presence. – Added new main menu pictures – Changed the intro with Rosa. – Changed the summary screen. – Changed the dream sequence with Emma. – Fixed audio level of all music. – Changed phone and journal buttons display. – Changed the color of the phone text messages. – Fixed a bug where the money tab wouldn’t disappear after purchasing a lot of items. – Changed some text lines from Episode 1. – Fixed typos and text mistakes.


852 renders 36 animations 4 journal pages 11 special renders 19 songs – Added a choice if we want to help Timo or not. – Fixed the issue where Elyce called you Paul. – Fixed the bug where we could enter Niki and Brian dialogue scene at the party an unlimited amount of times. – Changed the looks of the arrows in open sections. – Changed avatars on the phone. – Changed the main menu song. – Added shop app. – Added save name function – Fixed massive amount of text mistakes and typos in Episode 1.

Rating: 4.1/5. From 240 votes.
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One of the best ive played. Litteraly next to “once in the lifetime”. Cant wait for episode 3. Great job dev!

Anonymous Fapper

is it free or paid ?

Anonymous Fapper

Paid… But free too 🙂
Pc compressed v0.3.4

Anonymous Fapper

The first 5 minutes just made me quit. Like shit, i know its just an adult VN but goddamn, being a dik and a bunch other games at least write like MC is at least half real person, free will instead is so unhinged that its a hard pass. And if all one wants is some animations and tiddy, stuff like Apocalust smashes this.

Anonymous Fapper

yea dev isnt even trying. this will be very jarring for anyone looking for quality, even models and animations aren’t very good. Recommend skipping and trying Fresh Women, University of problems or Night Driver, played in last couple month and all superior to this.

Anonymous Fapper

it looks good in general, but those horrible tits are killing me… yuck

Anonymous Fapper

What’s the Password form the Special Render??? (Magazine on Dining Room Table)

Anonymous Fapper

im stuck at talk to Rosa part. im in the house but i cant find her. looked everywhere, is it a bug?