Based from the earlier seasons of Adventure Time, this 3rd-person action game features 6+ locations to explore, 7+ NPCs to meet, puzzles, challenges, and boss battles to fight!​
Developer/Publisher: Mike Inel
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Animated, Adventure, Parody, Combat

-Added nude versions of the “2D Waifu” hack.
-Added a simple text in the beginning for information. (Only available when online)
-Now showing names inside Custom Viewer File before loading.
-Added “Video Playback” in the Options menu. (To disable video playback, which causes some computers to crash when entering the Ice Room)
-Added a very short stop when running to a ledge to give time to jump before falling.
-Added tips after dying from a boss battle.
-Added “Last Checkpoint” in the Pause menu to restart from the previous checkpoint.

-VR support again. (Not fully tested, and untested in OS X)
-School gameplay improved.
-Significantly improved loading times in Model Viewer.
-Flame Princess now has the option to stop following/fighting.
-Settings are now saved in a separate file: “Settings.dat”.
-The game now continues with a faulty file instead of overwriting it with a new file.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Achievement frames.
-Breakfast Princess’ alternate costume now shows in the Model Viewer.
-Hair color of Finn/Fionna in the Model Viewer fixed.
-In the bomb area, the platform can’t be reached using the ??? Sword anymore.
-Flame Princess now lets you buy potions correctly.
-Fixed a visual error when cancelling a charged attack of the ??? Sword.
-Changed the mapping of gamepad controls. (Through the Display Resolution Dialog before starting the game)

Known Issues:
-Missing sound effects.
-Missing videos in Mac OS X.

Rating: 3.7/5. From 37 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Do you need to fight the boss the see the posters?

Anonymous Fapper

does someone knows how to defeat finn

Anonymous Fapper

Just defeat him

Anonymous Fapper

Man best anwser ever

Anonymous Fapper

I’m sorry, could you dumb it down to a language I understand?

Anonymous Fapper

please remove this shitty, horrible, abandoned game please.


go fuck yourself

Anonymous Fapper

Well… the beginning of the game it self is ok.
the last bossfight is way to hard or better.. way to much bot-spamming ( if you’ve ever played Tekken, you know what i mean)


by last boss fight, do you mean fighting Finn? Because that one was really damn hard indeed.


wait does this version has the same update on 4.5 or does this has the flame princess version?

Anonymous Fapper

sry but dev abandoned the game, so dont expect any new content, hes just making animations and shit now