Wicked Choices: Agents of Karma

Life… a tightly woven and decoratively rich tapestry, created and spun by the gods, using the threads of our lives, relationships and experiences.

But all of that is about to come unraveled with the ‘birth’ of the Antichrist and only by your careful decisions, can you go about repairing the damage done to the Tapestry of Time!

Weeks before the Antichrist comes into power and aware of a rapidly approaching war, Karma seeks to gather those she believes she can trust in an effort to try to repair the damage that will soon be done to the Tapestry of Fate…

Will Karma be successful in her mission to undo the damage that the Antichrist will inflict to the timeline and to the Tapestry by changing the Fate of his nephew William?

Will she still be able to deliver onto William the punishment that he deserves to keep the Balance she’s been entrusted with?

As forces gather, with intentions of their own, will those she’s entrusted be successful in their mission before the Threads of Life have unraveled beyond repair?

Only YOU will be able to decide!

In the Prologue, you will get an opportunity to meet and learn all about the many characters that will be in the main game of “Adventures of a Changed Boy” and “Wicked Choices: Book Two” and, through your choices, you will be able to direct them and set them on the path towards the Antichrist.

You will be able to set their relationships; you can learn about, change and even alter some of their goals for both William/Billie and Claire… and your choices will determine how the main game of “Adventures of a Changed Boy” plays out… and who will be an ENEMY/ALLY to the Antichrist.

Once all of the introductions to the cast of characters have been completed and all of their relationships, motivations and goals have been determined by you in the Prologue, it is now time for you to witness the results!

In the Main Game of “Adventures of a Changed Boy” you will assume the role of YOURSELF, working as an Agent of the goddess Karma and meting out the punishment that she has planned for William/Billie!

With the gifts given to you by the Goddess of Balance, you will be able to make further choices in the lives of both the Antichrist’s Nephew and his Niece!

Will William find a way to return to being himself again? Will he side FOR/AGAINST his Uncle, the Antichrist? Will Claire be able to expand the field of potential allies for her Uncle, the Antichrist, including his own children, or will she succumb to years of mistreatment she’s suffered at the hands of her own family?

Only you’ll be able to decide their FATE and try to change DESTINY and try to REPAIR the damage already done to the Tapestry of Time!

Developer: ASLPro3D – PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Prequel: Wicked Choices: Book One
Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Domination, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Vaginal Sex, Lesbian

1. Extract and run.

v0.1.75 (Remastered Chapter One)

New Graphics and Menus for the Remastered Game and Game Title
New Story, Characters, Artwork, Sounds and Music Added to the Original Story
Completely New Software, using the Framework and UI System from the Remastered “Wicked Choices: Book One”

Rating: 3.1/5. From 60 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

seems abandoned i fear ?

Anonymous Fapper

No updates for over a year.. abandoned? Pity, because it would have been good to see how William handles bis new life….

Anonymous Fapper

They should let you punish Janice—she’s *FAR* worse than William (as his mother she’s responsible 4 him) & gets away w Murdering her *HUSBAND* (William’s father) -& under her guidance & care William does what he does
Crime-including MURDER—flourishes b/c it goes unpunished, & Proper punishment only work well if it starts in the Family; [interesting 2 talk about punishing crime in Adult games (which often contain illegal activities) —but even here there R standards]

Anonymous Fapper

The overview is longer than the game. Terrible.

Anonymous Fapper

Is it just me or is the overview way to long?