Witch Trainer

If you have played Princess Trainer, it is very similar. It’s simpler, with fewer mechanics, characters, scenarios and secrets. Besides the
Miss Granger, the evil Severus Snapes, professor of the Slytherin school, appears as your crony of misdeeds.

The game is placed as a prequel to the Princess Trainer, a little after the Magic Shop events, in which by an accident with the potions that
They tried to increase the bust of Princess Jasmine the Genie is transported to a parallel reality where he replaces the famous magician Dumbledore.

Miss Granger has become a headache for Professor Snapes, and next to this one you will try to “put in waist” to this one,
developing not only his personal growth but also affecting other characters such as Snapes, Harry or Ginny, although these are only mentioned.​

Developer: AKAMAN – Patreon
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Animation, Oral Sex, Striptease
Prequel: Princess Trainer

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Witch Trainer.exe” to start playing.

Rating: 4.1/5. From 212 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Man, who ruined, literally, the BEST Cho has by having Snape barge in there? I’m a literal Genie in this game. I could Snap Snape in half by snapping my fingers and simultaneously replace him with a doppelganger incapable of individual thought outside of maintaining Snape’s reputation, which wouldn’t ruin all these scenes.
I mean, I know you guys are trying to tell a story, but common. An ENTIRE sexual scene dominated and ruined EVEN AFTER I tell Snape to go fuck himself because he stays!

Not enough comment space!

Same Person: I love this game. It’s got GREAT banter and the graphics are pretty good, at least in keeping with the chibi/chat window stuff(Not a fan of the CG, but that’s more about CG itself). But seriously, Tonks and Cho flirting and stripping together? That could have been the best scene in the game, in my opinion, and it got FUCKED because even after telling Snape, with full friendship or w/e the fuck, to go the fuck away, he just stood there talking. Ruined the whole gods damned mood!

Not enough comment space!

Same Person: Just realized this isn’t a Witch Trainer Silver page… lmfao
When all the blood is in your penis and it rushes back to your brain….

Anonymous Fapper

no Walkthrough? the last game had one.

Anonymous Fapper

lmao stop skipping all the dialogue

Anonymous Fapper

Akabur’s Witch Trainer is long finished. The Silver Mod version keeps adding scenes, story, graphic and cheats to prevent grinding. Visit Silver Studio Games:

Anonymous Fapper

ok, over 4 stars and 95 votes and not a single screenshot??…. we’re all pervs here but are we all that desperate?

Anonymous Fapper

Akabur’s Witch Trainer is a classic, finishes over 2 years ago. Most people know how the games looks like.

Anonymous Fapper

Nah we just trust Akabur to deliver us the best games the porn industry has ever seen

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

pathetic attempt to steal cheap visits to your game.

Anonymous Fapper

Go kill your sorry thieving self, you worthless scum.