A Home In The Desert

This game is about a family working in show business that has lost everything because of a scandal.

You play as the daughter, and your goal is to try to get the family back on top after falling to the very bottom, without anything left but themselves and an old house in the middle of nowhere.
Manage your household and sharpen your skills all while fighting your heightened futanari libido.

Developer: Misarmor – Subscribestar
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Management, corruption, incest, public sex, public use, exhibitionism, futanari, masturbation, voyeurism, hidden sex

Just dowload the archive, extract it, and run.

v0.2.1A Hotfix

– The last event of 0.2 is now accessible
– Fixed people calling Alice “MC” during the intro.

Rating: 2.5/5. From 92 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I’m amazed that even though this is a porn games there’s actually normal people who will think futa is disgusting faggot shit

Anonymous Fapper

if you are into futa your into dicks and you no what has a dick a guy and if you wont a guy well what dus that make you …. you gusset it a faggot logic 101 suck more dick and get mad plz

Anonymous Fapper

A lot of faggots down voting comments against faggotry. fucking pathetic losers

Anonymous Fapper

only faggots are the ones that womnt to suck dick and futa has a dick so guess you a faggot for wanting dick.. 5 brain IQ boys

Anonymous Fapper

I mean what’s wrog with devs these days, there is nothing to do in game only exploring empty house, This is what you give people to play? I can see a future of porn games, lot of tags and for many updates you will seen title screen and in every update will be note improving a font in title screen a little…

Anonymous Fapper

Is the gay LBGTQRSTUYWXZ agenda, shoving faggots down our throats , pretending faggotry is normal when is not.

Anonymous Fapper

No, it’s just your stupid ass not being able to find the button to the attic even though there is a tutorial with a big ass arrow pointing to it at the very beginning of the game

Anonymous Fapper

“I see another DEV erning money with nothing (useless demo). Then i can too”

This is a logic in 99% of v0.1-0.3 games. A lot of scammers with a lot of patreon pages and v0.1-0,3 trying milking with nothing.

Anonymous Fapper

The game crash

Anonymous Fapper

The game TRASH.

Fixed it for you.

Anonymous Fapper

Yan not into homo stuff…