Adventures at Magic Academy

Adventures at Magic Academy is a science fantasy, adult visual novel and dating sim. You take on the role of Yuuto Kazama in a modern world where magic exists. The old ways of casting have mostly been abandoned, mages favouring technology to handle the casting of magic for them. Control Yuuto’s actions as you attend Ravenwood Academy as an undercover agent and attempt to stop terrorist organisations from causing chaos.​

Developer: Super Simian – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Big tits, Big ass, MILF, Romance, School setting, Dating sim, Paranormal, Sci-fi

1. Extract and run.

Release 5

3 events added

Doggy scene added (requires over 90 combat stat)

Against Wall scene added (will be made repeatable next release)

4 events added
Cowgirl scene added (will be made repeatable next release)

-2 stat decrease every 7 days. Timer is reset if you train that stat.

Rating: 3.1/5. From 75 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

games dead, patreon post says dev lost half their arm

Anonymous Fapper

That’s a heluvan excuse.

Anonymous Fapper

right, 10 months or so with no update, suddenly that, if an accident had actually happened i think it wouldve been posted about sooner, other devs say there is gonna be a delay due to illness (one dev got covid and tho progress slowed was still doing what he could so kudos to him), i think this was an excuse to give up due to lack of supporters and the fact the dumbass quit his friggin job to make the game (obviously thinking hed make a lot of money on the game but it never gained traction)

Anonymous Fapper

game seems to be dead. no updates since october 2019, dev only has 4 patrons.

Anonymous Fapper

downloaded today and got this in first 10 clicks

I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
ScriptError: could not find label ‘arena_corridor_blur’.
Full traceback:
File “game/arena_fight.rpyc”, line 194, in script

Anonymous Fapper

Version 5.1 already exists maybe it fixes some of the bugs.

Anonymous Fapper

can’t seem to find any new events
can i have a walkthrough ?


This game is too short, like 3 story parts (30 min max) and it ends . Better wait for futur releases.