Another World, Another Adventures

In Another World, Another Adventures you find yourself in a strange place where there is only a table and a chair. Your memories are hazy, and you struggle to remember your name, when suddenly a bright flash of light appears before you.

It turns out to be the goddess of rebirth, and this is her realm. As you talk to her, you feel a terrible headache and begin to remember your life. After you’ve recalled everything, you realize that you have died, and the goddess offers you a choice: to be reborn in a different world, distinct from your own, full of scientific achievements of humanity, where magic also exists but regular people can’t use it, or to dissolve into the abyss of utter darkness.

After some contemplation, you decide that life in another world is better than dissolving into nothingness. After a bright flash of light, you find yourself in a world where nothing is familiar and everything is strange. Adventures, encounters with wondrous beings, and the opportunity to delve into the depths of magic await you – it all depends on you.


Developer: S.I.T. Studio – PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordItch | Twitter |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, vaginal sex, Ahegao, Creampie, Handjob, animated, creampie, sandbox

Extract and run.

Public Code: XXXMas

Developer Note:
Welcome to another world, full of mysteries and magic. Good luck in this unfamiliar world, where new adventures and discoveries await you!

If you want to chat with the developer, discuss the game with others, receive updates, or just ask how we’re doing, then join our small family on our official Discord server.

Or if you want early access to updates ten days/four days before the public release, then subscribe to our Patreon or Subscribe Star, we’ll be very grateful. :3


  • Updated UI
  • Updated old renders
  • Updated quest screen
  • Added 4 plot events
Rating: 3.7/5. From 16 votes.
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