Arrows and Jokes

“Arrows and jokes” is a romantic visual novel game that follows the story of two young men, serving in the forest watch, as they embark on a journey to their main character’s uncle’s farm for a summer vacation.

The game allows players to make choices that will shape the course of the story, leading to a multitude of different outcomes.

In addition, “Arrows and jokes” features a range of adult-themed content, with various scenes and situations suitable for mature audiences.

Developer: Batsygmae – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Adventure, Big Tits, Male Protagonist, Handjob, Text, Vaginal Sex, Romance, Sex, Dating Sim

Rating: 1.6/5. From 29 votes.
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some random dude

is it just me or does this game look like it’s made using AI

Anonymous Fapper

100%. The mishmash of visual styles is a dead give away.

Anonymous Fapper

i guess it’s fine if they just want to make a game, while lacking artistic abilities, so they use ai filler.

but in vn art is important, often it’s the part that sells the whole product. and ai ,,art” sucks.

Anonymous Fapper

bullshit, ai art is amazing. people just suck at using it XD If they learn how to make decent games with the Ai “animations” these games will make a huge jump in quality (if the game is also made well of course not only the graphic)

Anonymous Fapper

“2 young men”.
No gay tag. No thanks.
Another gay sharing ntr futa soon.

Anonymous Fapper

Always fun to see someone ball up every tag they don’t like into a big scary inevitable bogeyman and screech about it.

Anonymous Fapper

Glad my comment brought you more fun than the DEV demo game. Already abandoned.
There’s so much garbage popping in “last updates” (a few abandoned 2 years ago) that I’ll make more comments like this to make you happier.

Anonymous Fapper

man.. whoever take porn games seriously has problems… these games really are 99% needed to jerk off.. there are serious games people can play TO PLAY if they want XD i never understand the drama behind people posts really.

Anonymous Fapper

Which drama?
1 anon say “no thanks”
Another anon “fun”
Then “Glad”

Only you is making drama. For a demo game abandoned after ONE POST in patreon.

Public foruns. If you are to insecure to read opinions, go back to dad.