At the Mountains of Friendship

At the Mountains of Friendship is an autobattler taking inspiration from games like Hearthstone Battlegrounds or Super Auto Pets. You play as an ancient, unknowable, eldritch entity doing the thing such beings do best, making teams of magical girls.

Recruit magical girls to help contain the damage you’re doing to their reality. Sure it might make them go crazy, but what’s a few ruined lives compared to saving all of time and space? Saving it from you, but that’s not important.

Form bonds between your girls to make them stronger in battle. Different pairings have different potential for how good friends they can become with each other, up to and including being lovers. Each girl has two others she can form a romantic bond with, sex scene included! With the power of friendship, anything is possible!

This first release has 40 sex scene CGs, with each girl having her own storyline about her descent into corruption. The more she fights and is exposed to your eldritch energy, the hornier she gets.

Each girl has her own sexual theme and aesthetic. Build a team based on who works best together, or who you just want to see have sex. One may be more optimal, but the other might be more fun. Fetishes themes include bondage, femdom, free use, tentacles, cuckoldry, gangbang, and more!

Full Game!
At the Mountains is a full game with a finished gameplay loop and 10 recruitable girls each with their own abilities, set of sex scenes, and voice acting. This game has been in development for almost two years at this point, it’s a fully fleshed-out experience.

Developer: Apollo Seven – Patreon | WebsiteDiscordItch |
Censored: No
Version: 1.2.0 Final
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, fantasy, monster, strategy, vaginal sex, anal sex, groping, group sex, multiple penetration, lesbian, female domination, oral sex, creampie, bdsm, big ass, big tits, male domination, tentacles, voiced, multiple protagonist, combat, LGBT

Extract and run.


New Content

Added Avery for $10 Patrons and bumped Lydia and Sarah down a slot

Added Emma’s bonus scene

Added the sanity mechanic.

Added 6 new items

  • If my favorite pet is cat or dog, change it to the other (tier 1)
  • Restore 15 sanity (tier 1)
  • EXP boosts restore sanity instead of losing sanity (tier 1)
  • Fighting loses 3 less sanity (tier 2)
  • Give me +1/+1 for every 5 missing sanity I have (tier 2)
  • If I’m insane, at the start of combat give me +10/+10 permanently (tier 3)

Added animation to one of Sofia’s scenes

UI Improvements

You can now watch full scenes in the gallery

Triggering girl scenes is now done on the main recruit phase screen instead of in the girl info window

Added a setting to stop scenes you’ve already seen from triggering

Got rid of the scene gallery and replaced it with a sandbox mode

Removed the “X” button from the girl assignment screen. Girls can be removed from a team by right-clicking them

Changed the interface for when you buy a duplicate of a girl

Added new details to the tutorial

Balance Changes

Buffed all of Emma’s abilities slightly

Reverted Cynthia to keeping half of all permanent buffs

Friendship bonuses now have higher caps

Friendship points now increased by 1 each time girls fight together

Flamingo item now gives +2/+2 (Up from +1/+2)

Lowered game length by 1 turn to 15 turns

Releasing girls from your party no longer adds them back to the recruit pool

Swapped the abilities of the early game monsters that care about pet type

Bug Fixes:

Plenty but omitted from the changelog because it’s long enough as is.

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Rating: 2.5/5. From 45 votes.
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LGBT = Liquor, Guns, Bacon and Tits. Though I’d stay away from pork. They are filling it with mrna poison.

Anonymous Fapper

4 months ago = FINAL VERSION
NOW updated = FINAL VERSION again

Not a sc am right?

Anonymous Fapper

I honestly tried to understand how to get to the sex content. And didn’t find out how or where. All I had was a not entirely bad card game if crudely repetitive, with zero “reward” when apparently finishing a loop.

Is there a paywall or am I just desperately clueless ? (Year… I know I should not have asked that -_-)

Anonymous Fapper

linked to the leveling of the girls in the card game, there is a “talk to” option in their card, which leads to chapters in each their stories.

Anonymous Fapper

Ok, noted. Thank you very much

Anonymous Fapper

one, go to scene gallery at the left of the title menu. Have character on the card hand, click the profile\status their should be a button ‘new scene’. If it’ game play, you got to have them battle a couple of time and click on the status new scene.

Anonymous Fapper

Ok, noted. Thank you very much

Anonymous Fapper

No scat 🙁

straight pride

It’s a shit game if that is so important for you.

Anonymous Fapper

> You are a tentacle monster making teams of magical girls
> Sample images all show the girls fucking random different human guys

So we play as cuckthulu

Anonymous Fapper

Danm son, so this is what we are at huh? the bottom of the barrel, getting mad at a game because “it is cucking you” fuck me… touch some grass

Anonymous Fapper

The original poster hurt your ass DEV?
At least now L G B T tag at start. Leaving off the closet. Good. Get money of your group. And be happy making game for your specific group.

Anonymous Fapper

the hell is wrong with this people, im not religious, but yo all might need Jesus in your life, or you know any kind of human interaction

Anonymous Fapper

The another game of DEV was “MC straight’ with almost zero sex scenes. Was 90% peeping tom. G .. A .. Y Voyeur. Bromance SH T.

But now DEV is making the right thing. L G B T tag at start. Not hiding G-Y fetish in NTR tag.

Truth always good. Or you are a pathetic “sheep” dominated by the “Midia”?

“BE G. A .Y is COOL”
“BE straight is hom… phobic”


What has a fantasy figure like your Jesus to do with human interaction.

Anonymous Fapper

So any time you play a porn game or watch porn, you’re getting cucked cause you’re not the one fucking, right?

Anonymous Fapper

G..Y porn is very specific.

And almost nobody PLAY GAME to watch porn.
When i want watch porn, never i download a game.

When i want CHOICES and story and FUCK girls (not boys or F…TA), then download “games”.

90% is G..Y games. Never downloading.
10% of straight games, you need read comments to find this rare gems.


toy can type words here you know? no need to censor them

Anonymous Fapper

GAY word was censored months ago.