Attack on Survey Corps

Attack on Survey Corps is a game set in Attack on Titan universe. In the game you’ll meet a lot of familiar (and fuckable) characters, quests, and stories to follow.​

Developer: AstroNut – Patreon | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male Protagonist, Parody, Groping, Romance, Milf, Sandbox, Fantasy

1. Extract and run.


New interactions with Elsa within the new story branch
2. New backgrounds (shady alley, classroom, Hange’s room)
3. Revamped female’s dorms, to be precise, sleeping rooms. (the corridor’s next in the line)
4. Hange’s been added to the game along with someone else.
5. All girls’ sprites have been redrawn.
6. New story event with Mikasa in the steam room.
7. New night interaction with Historia.
8. The first implementation of love system in the game.

Rating: 3.6/5. From 113 votes.
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Lets ask the real question here …. can we breed Armin like the dirty slut he is?

Armin fucker

Probably not :sad face:

Anonymous Fapper

Tell me if there’s a sex in the update

Anonymous Fapper

there is

Anonymous Fapper

bigger tits for micasa plz

Anonymous Fapper

fuck off

Anonymous Fapper

Ligma natzzz

Anonymous Fapper

yes plzzzzzzzz

Anonymous Fapper

and ass !!!!

Anonymous Fapper

…Does the mother die here too?
Cause, ngl, that’s my greatest disappointment with AToT.

Though I never got past Season 1, I watched it before anything else had been released, and couldn’t get interested enough in anime when I had games to play to watch the new seasons…

Anonymous Fapper

one of the shittiest takes on AoT ever. If the mom didn’t die the whole story wouldn’t have happened. It would have taken a completely different turn.

Anonymous Fapper

jup they wudda been invadid by killer space turkeys instead

Anonymous Fapper

Because you didn’t see her anime titties? You cared so much about the death of a character you don’t know you refused to watch the show? Haha ok simp

danish guy

Pretty much nothing to do