Because I Love Her

You play out the lives of Claire and John, a couple who have been together since high school. You live a casual life where you feel happy, but only out of convenience of your current situation. Things change as you both encounter new found friends throughout the city, and you both begin to wonder if you’re together for the right reasons, or if the search for something greater still exists.

In this novel, you will develop new found friendships, new job opportunities, and decide the fate of each character and whether or not they are meant to be, or if it’s time to explore your options.
There is a romance route, and a corruption route, you decide.

Developer: The Typist – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, NTR, Group sex, Romance, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Swinging, Interracial, Oral sex, Cheating, Horror, mystery

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “BecauseILoveHer.exe” to start playing.

Chapter 2 v2.0 Fixed

New Content for both love route and Ntr optional route
345 new renders
A very clear difference in routes between the NTR and love path
Fully working gallery available at the end of update, scenes only unlock once you see them. Gallery is visited after each update.
3 animations exclusive to the love route
1 animation for the ntr optional route (Only 1 sexual)
4 animations total (3 with claire, 1 with zoey, one simple video outro of neighbor mystery story)
over 1,900 lines of script in chapter 2 alone, bringing the total to more than 3,000 lines of script (That’s a shit ton of words, but I don’t believe word count matters too much)

Rating: 3.3/5. From 1.0K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

2+ years of development.
In MC straight path, MFFF? Or nothing yet??

Not interesed in MC “curios” path.

Fappity Fap Fap

Came to read the comments, was NOT disappointed. People arguing over a game, be it NTR related or not.

Anonymous Fapper

no update on game

NTR is fun.

Ntr make the game more fun and adventurous. I like NTR, that don’t mean I’m a cuck, it means that I don’t fall in love with 3d characters.

Anonymous Fapper


Cuck Detector

No, you’re a cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

You like more of dicks. This is gay. Nothing wrong.

Anonymous Fapper

Nah my guy, you’re a straight up fuckin cuck. Get a grip & deal with it ya dork. Sound deluded af. Ntr is lame & gay. Facts


Oh sure, just because a dude like to suck dicks doesn’t mean he’s gay, stop lying to yourself you cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

“I don’t fall in love with 3d characters.”
Female 3d. you not fall in love. But for male NPC. you fall in love fast.

Anonymous Fapper

You fall in love with guys 3d characters.

If Dev can produce a lot of sexual content of MC with girls, no problem if game have one avoidable gay/ntr/futa path.

But need SEX SCENES in male MCstraight path too. A lot of MFFF scenes to make sense play.
Not only avoidable bromance MMMMMMMMMMMMMF

Anonymous Fapper

Gay pride. No shame too.

clueless fapper

Can someone explain what NTR stands for? I’m not good with english abrevations

Anonymous Fapper

with that name you look like a troll, most probably are, but im not losing the oportunity to shit on this people, is a japanese abrevation, it means “steal your girl” but in here people ussualy confuse it with sharing, swing and specialy with cucking, most of the time is not, ALSO the real idea of NTR is for YOU to identify as the guy stealing the girl

Anonymous Fapper

A better version would be your girl likes to spread her legs like butter. She might love you, but she loves others too. Don’t blaim drugs or alcohol, straight up sex addict.

Anonymous Fapper

just google it buddy

cvck detector

It means you are a closet homosexual.

Anonymous Fapper

You do know the ntr is either netorare or netori, you keep judging the abbreviation as single meaning.
Netorare- is something that someone steals your girl.
Netori- is something you steal others girl.
Fun fact NTR is appealing because the details that is put in the storyline and plot is far more detailed than the other genre, while greedy devs failed to focus on the appeal of genre. Ntr gave people freedom and realism that their actions has consequence, in which something u seemed to be of, kid.

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

Netorare. You peeping another guy fucking
Netori: Gay NPC on closet peeping in you (MC) fucking.

Anonymous Fapper

NTR stands for garbage game.


Love + ntr? the hipocrisy

Anonymous Fapper

its not difficult to understand really. if someone is fukin around they can still love someone although it is morally wrong to cheat on someone unless their partner is ok with it but that requires a special type of person who gets off on it I guess


Is there really morals left in this world? U don´t need to be a “special type” of person to be in a open relationship.. Just open minded about stuff but if you´re more like “eternal love” or narcissistic type of person then it´s not for you.

Anonymous Fapper

If love dicks, you can fuck another guy. Its your choice. But a lot of male are straight. If straight sex is not for you, be gay. bi, pan or “open relatinship with one girl and 30 guys. Your fetish.
Open realtionship with my girlfriend fucking another girl. I agree. Lesbian (MFF) in threesome is fun. Gay threesome (MMF) no fun if you are not gay.