Bonds of Love

Bonds of Love is an adult visual novel. You live out your school life in a house with three women, but meet many more, whose relationship to you is for you to decide. You can stick with the default landlady, flattie stuff, or you could be a little bit closer.

Choices matter in this game, but you won’t be locked into your path. Want to push a girl at the start but then be nice to her down the line? You can, and the game will often reflect that change. Now, this isn’t a game that allows you to end up in 10 different iterations depending on your choices, but your choices will make a notable difference, with no right or wrong ‘choices’ such as those where you can bizarrely get a game over.

The Android version is basically there if people really want it, but I’m not really going to support it so I’m not sure of all the formatting and things like that.


  • Sandbox-style game

  • Decisions that actually matter, yet do not lock you down a specific path.

  • 9 unique and fully custom-made girls to romance

  • Quest log and quest icons so you never get lost

  • Phone feature to allow for little interactions with the girls

  • Over 1000 images as of 0.9

  • 24 animations as of 0.9 with many more to come


  • Anal

  • Lesbian

  • Orgy

Developer: Zelathorn Games – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Incest, Male Protagonist, Milf, Point & Click, Ren’py, Romance, Teen, Voyeurism

1. Extract and run.


Added two new sleep content

Added one new part to Secret Job

Added one new part to Stressed Out

Added one new part to Relaxing Massage

Added one new part to Sex Ed

Added two new parts to Lonely Woman

Added two new parts to Handyman

Added two new parts to Yoga Challenge

Added two new parts to Problem Child

Added two new ‘Main’ parts

Rating: 3.5/5. From 84 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Just a bunch of teasing, when the MC does get a girl, he changes his mind and no longer want to have sex with her. pssst “I think he might be gay”


Is this one of those ironically “not gay for pay” games where all the good stuff is locked behind some Patreon code?

Anonymous Fapper

OK WTF? MC spends the first part of the game trying to fuck everything and then all the sudden when the girls are ready to fuck him whenever he want he turns GAY and does not want pussy anymore, all the sudden he does not want to fuck his sisters.. etc… WTF dev.

The Artist Formerly Known As Smithee

‘Bonds of Love is an adult visual novel.—‘

That’s good. Sandbox games can be a little grind heavy, and not in the fun way.

*Sandbox style gameplay’


Anonymous Fapper

Ok its been some time and no update. Looked at Patrion and in OCT they said update is out, but Im concerned about the “Old Saves MAY work”, not much confidence. Ill check back in a week and if no update I’m deleting this one. This is why I will not Become a Patrion.

Anonymous Fapper

I like what i see, but this would be better as a vn (at least as an option), too much faffin around.