One year after Kristy and her older brother survive a car wreck that leaves them scarred, the two must lean on each other to get through the trials and tribulations of life. Together, they will learn to live again, laugh, and love one another with the help of their quirky cast of friends. Burned is a touching slice-of-life comedy with a dash of tragedy along with a feel-good mix of fucking, sucking, darknet zoo porn, #Metoo allegations, good touch, bad touch, time-travel, guy cum, lady cum, dog cum, and lots of lots of incest.

Developer: Deaufosse – Fanbox | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animation, Incest, Comedy, lesbian, futa, trans, kinetic novel, vaginal sex, creampie, sci-fi, groping, school setting, humiliation, ntr, graphic violence, handjob, bestiality, corruption, rape, virgin, teasing, oral sex, sexual harassment, masturbation

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Rating: 3.3/5. From 72 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

This game made my pee pee really hard.


the characters look too young

Anonymous Fapper

Go read something else with grannies you dipshit.

Anonymous Fapper

some LGBTQ dick trash! Complete crazy people!

Anonymous Fapper

Mc is male, and doesn’t have a choice but to suck a dick, and that’s when I decided to delete this bs

Anonymous Fapper

Dick of trans… not gay… for “Dev logic”.

t r u t h

It’s called grooming.

Anonymous Fapper

homophobic cope lol. i’ve sucked a dick or three in my life and i’ve been with more women than i can remember. get over it incel

Anonymous Fapper

This female protagonist?

Anonymous Fapper

Nope, male