Chronicles of Hell and Heaven

Chronicles of Hell and Heaven is an adult game where you follow the story of several characters in a single universe.
The story is divided into chapters and acts. Each chapter will be a new story with new characters. Each chapter will have 3 acts.

CHAPTER ONE – Devil in Disguise – synopsis:
This chapter tells the story of Bartholomeo, a demon who was expelled from hell for having a love affair with the daughter of The Demon Lord. He is sent to the human world and can only return to hell when he fulfills a specific mission. However, his arch-enemy Mephisha will do everything to prevent his return. Who will triumph in the end? Bartholomeo or Mephisha?

Kaeno Nabuga is a young samurai who lost her mother the day she was born, and because of this, her father blames her for her death. Seeking her father’s approval, she accepts a dangerous mission to send a letter to a ruler of another country, but what she doesn’t know is that this country is Sodom, the most dangerous place on earth. What will happen to the gentle and innocent Kaeno?

Developer: Kazuki-chan – PatreonTwitterDiscordItchPixiv | RedditInstagram | DeviantArt |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, adventure, anal sex, animated, corruption, creampie, fantasy, graphic violence, multiple protagonists, masturbation, monster girl, netorare, handjob, oral sex , vaginal sex, incest

Extract and run the “Game.exe” file.

Chapter 2 Act 1b

550+ new pictures

15+ new animations

+1h of gameplay

Rating: 3.9/5. From 337 votes.
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