Coming Of Age

You play an 18 year old girl named May who has a mother, step-father, step-brother, and an older sister. She needs to get a job, attend college, and either become more corrupt or remain pure. Unfortunately, you are in charge of her decisions.​

Developer: CrazyBat
Language: English
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Female Protagonist, Nudity, Striptease, Lesbian, Incest, Straight, Blowjob, Boobjob, Handjob, Watersports, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Exhibitionism, Threesome

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

– Version 1.2 now contains around 2286 CG. (1.1 had around 2078).
– Added several new mini events that can be seen when May is watching TV during the evening wearing the 3rd outfit. (New CG:30)
The are 4 events (2 with Blake and 2 with Jack.) There’s also a 2nd variant of 2nd events when certain conditions are met.
– Elder neighbor event has been reworked and expanded. It can now be repeated. It now contains 3 stages:
1) an Introduction stage based on previous event with added content.
2) Reworked/expanded version of the event that was added in the last version.
3) A new stage after completing stage2 (Combined New CG:44)
– Added several mini events after the 5th photo shoot at the beach.(New CG: 7)
To be able to see these mini event will require you to replay the 5h modeling from the start.
– Added the 6th modeling event. (New CG:48)
– Added a small exhibitionist event that triggers after the 3rd stage of the exhibitionist contest has been completed (New CG:12)
– Added 3rd stage of science teacher events. (New CG:16 including the CG used for the animation)
– Added 4rd stage of science teacher events. (New CG:19 including the CG used for the animation)
– Expanded mini event at the store at beach for the 3rd outfit.
– Added two small events with the neighbor outside in the morning. Can be triggered after stage1 of the community services event. (New CG:7)
– May’s lust May will now increase slightly during the night depending on her corruption level.
(This was something that someone had suggested a long time ago and I finally got around to implement it.)
– Added 2nd stage of job at the strip club with 2 mini events so far. (New CG:16)

-Removed some objects from some maps to make walking less bumping into things.
-Added an option under settings (Inventory item!) To permanent disable the overlay picture.
I shouldn’t pop back anymore after changing clothes or walking on certain parts of the map
-Removed a few CG from the game directory that weren’t used anymore.
-Made some changes to the tiny clerk spy event at the beach store. The event is now optional.
-Swapped the priority of the sister fetch quest and shaving event.
This means that in case both quests are active the sister fetch quest will be processed fist, before the shaving event.
This also means that the sister fetch quest will need to be completed before the shaving event will progress!
-Saying no during the 1st science teaching event will mark the quest as failed, but you should still allow you to trigger the next stage!
-Saying no during the 2nd science teaching event will mark the quest as failed, but you should still allow you to trigger the next stage!
-Changed the color of the “Events stars” to red so that they are visible better on bright backgrounds.
-Changed some values at which shame is not lowered anymore during the library job and the 1st and 2nd stage of the clothing store job.
This allows for a slightly bigger window in which both jobs can done on the same day and still both lower May’s shame thus allows the players to lower May’s shame a bit faster.
May shame will now be lowered until it reaches 77 or below during the library job, or when it reaches 58 during the 2nd stage of the clothing shop job.
-Watching TV event at home can now also be triggered during the afternoon.
-Added missing CG for toilet scene at home for the latest outfit and the black underwear.
-Added missing CG for mirror scene for sexy black (with bra) underwear.
-The 1st modeling event now lowers May’s shame by 1 and increases her confidence by 1.

-Bug fixes:
-Fixed: Bug that left players stuck inside the library during the library job when the 2nd outfit became available.
-Fixed: Having to pressing D twice to temporally remove the overlay picture. Pressing D once should now be enough.
-Fixed: May’s exhibitionism is now raised correctly when she masturbates outside on the balcony if the cap for this event hasn’t been reached yet.
-Fixed: Can now buy stuff at the beach store even when May has “lost” her panties.
-Fixed: Saying no at the start of the 2nd science teaching even should now work as intended.
-Fixed: One of the CG displayed during the first modeling event had the wrong resolution.

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Can not leave the room no matter what after sister step brother scene

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Mouse control not working. Only keyboard movement keys work.

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Bug: When going to the old neighbor’s house again, had character put on the maid uniform and when she spoke with the old man, nothing happens – and you cannot leave the old man’s house. The game message keeps saying that you have to speak to the old man.


plz upload this game for android also

Anonymous Fapper
Anonymous Fapper

Slow af,just nope