Depraved Awakening

You are a private eye in Free City. Your latest client has found himself dead. As for how, many suspect suicide, though your smarter than that. But poking around may get you in some hot water. But then again why would you be a private eye if you weren’t looking to face the heat.

Developer: PhillyGames – PatreonDeviantArt | TwitterDiscord
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Version: 1.0 Final
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, Footjob, Graphic Violence, Group Sex, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, MILF, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, POV, Romance, Sex Toys, Spanking, Stripping, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Prostitution, Interracial, Cheating, Slave

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “DepravedAwakening.exe” to start playing.


  • All of dialog in the game has been changed or replaced with new dialog so that Judy is now your actual daughter instead of step-daughter. Judy will refer to you as “Dad” or “Daddy” instead of your name and certain characters can become aware of the special relationship between you and Judy.
  • There is now a full in-game walkthrough for every important choice in the game! If a choice is required to see a scene it will be highlighted so you don’t have to worry about missing scenes. Choices that aren’t important and don’t have lasting effects aren’t highlighted so you still have freedom and can pick your preferred choice.
  • It’s actually crazy how much content you get locked out of seeing in this game for absolutely no reason. I’ve made a ton of changes so that many scenes can actually be played without causing you to miss future scenes.
  • All the scenes in the scene gallery are now automatically unlocked/playable so you don’t have to replay the game to use the gallery.

PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “DepravedAwakening-1.0-pc” folder.

Mac: Unzip the mod -> Right click your DepravedAwakening app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Rating: 4.1/5. From 1.4K votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Definitely one of the best games I’ve played! Great storyline that doesn’t stall like games sometimes do. I loathe those games that sends me on a required 2 hour search for Uncle Festus’s cockring he lost in some GILF’s snatch so I can bury my bone in the anal canal of the game’s star slut! Highly recommend this game! Great job Dev!

Anonymous Fapper

How can I complete the final whit only Cristina

Anonymous Fapper

Need MFFF to make the game special.
But have 2 MFF. Worth a try.
Good animations. A lot of positions. Good story.

Anonymous Fapper

Very good game.
Congrats PHILLY!

Anonymous Fapper

Not only is this game the most complete game on this website imo, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. From the graphics to the storyline to the characters, everything is so damn good. The sex scenes are not at all obnoxious or too frequent either. I’m having so much fucking fun with this game. This is a 5/5 for me and I rarely give those out.

Anonymous Fapper

almost forgot to mention the music, this is the best soundtrack out of any game I have played on this site by far

Anonymous Fapper

People talking about music in a porn game. hahaha