Despot Desires

The Kutawala Crystal stone passed down through the Ages as Myth, Legend; A beautiful female Overlord bent on ending the human race, and a Hero trying to understand it all. Time doesn’t matter but does Love?
Learn more about the Ancient Gem, join the hero in capturing the “Evil” Overload, then, build their lives in love or Burn it all in Lust, you choose.​

Developer: The Armory –  PatreonTwitter | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2D Hand draw, Animated, Male Protagonist, Dating Sim, Exhibitionism, Sex Toys, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Stripping, Demonic, Demons, Beasts, Fantasy

1. Extract and run.


– A complete gallery has been added to the game’s UI (Come see for yourself!)
– Childhood friend aka Coraline has new in game CG Repeatable. Slowly strip her down guys.
– By Popular demand the Journal system is new reinstated
– Dialogue Updates (via discord advisors ty guys)
– Journal system bug Fixes post reinstated
– Main menu code stream lining

Rating: 3.7/5. From 256 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I played a little to it and looks interesting.

DAMN. The Discord Invitation Expired.


Very early in development, the one scene it had wasn’t animated (it could be very good if they add animated scenes). +there are some grammar errors, which I can ignore but may be annoying for some people. The game as a whole is promising tho. 🙂


I really like the art style but at the moment the game is so early in the alpha that there is barely anything to do.

Anonymous Fapper

Is this game even vaguely complete? I spent some time walking around the town trying to find what the farmer girl wanted me to see. Nothing.
I tried to be nice to the overlord but it seems that content isnt finished or something? Cos it just stopped.
I tried talking to the blacksmith chick, after earning a little money that seemed to close off to.
I talked to the nun and solved the puzzle like 3 or 4 times and it seemed to lead no where.
This game is just a waste of time isnt it?

Anonymous Fapper

Games starting at 1.0 typically go on until the developer says it’s done, so no, it’s not complete.

Anonymous Fapper

Same error when try to change clothes for the overlord, 0 actions…. 20 love and nothing….. Empty as fuck this game…. Never release like this.