Detached is a lewd psychological horror comedy dating sim that touches on mental health, illness, and spookies.

Embark on a journey of recovery (or ruin) and self-discovery as you join Daine, a horribly damaged man that is just discovering what it actually means to live.

Along the way of him living his new lease on life, he meets many attractive women (and some excellent bros) that will each have an important impact on his life in ways that he would never expect, as he does the same to them.

Of course, not everything is as it seems as there are many players out there, both in the Plane of the Mundane and the supernatural, pushing and prodding him down the gentle stream of fate. One of these players is you, the Hand of Fate.

As the Hand of Fate, you will help guild Daine through his daily life, choosing where he goes, and what girls he’ll visit to increase their affections towards him. Along the way, you’ll get to know their own stories and histories while the world’s dramas and mysteries unravel around you (much to Daine’s unfortunate disdain).

If you’re lucky, he may even be able to hold their hand, you filthy degenerates.

(Please note: This game is story-focused, regularly touching topics of mental health and sensitive/disturbing content. Lewds aren’t the goal, but rather a tool.)

Detached Trailer

Developer: Scruffles – PatreonSubscribeStarItch | Twitter | Discord | DeviantArt | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Exhibitionism, Harem, Milf, Titfuck, Oral Sex, Dating Sim, Horror, Humor, Sandbox, Virgin, Vaginal Sex, Superpowers, Creampie, Big Tits, Sleep Sex, Rape

Windows, Linux, Mac: Extract and run.
Android: Install APK


  • 3 Main Events
  • 1 drēm Event
  • 10, 183 Words
  • 599 Renders
  • 18 Animations
  • 4 new songs
  • THEM PESKY CAPITALISATIONS FOLLOWING ELLIPSES HAVE BEEN FIXED. The ones that didn’t make sense, anyway. One of my players were kind enough to compile an entire list of them for me, and I have managed to chunk all of the ones that were gross and grammatically incorrect out.
  • Some minor grammatical errors fixed
  • Some minor bug fixes
  • Finally updated the Shout Outs screen.

JUST A NOTE FOR THE END OF THIS UPDATE: This update ends on the (final) cliffhanger of this chain of events. Unlike the previous update, it ends on an automatic infinite loop.

If saved on that screen, you will get an error upon loading it again warning of an infinite loop. Just hit ignore to go back to the end screen, as it should resolve itself in the next update.

That said, I do suggest a quick scroll back and save just before that screen just in case. I am a noob coder and therefore am, by no means, an expert in these things.

Rating: 3.1/5. From 58 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Not sure where the NTR comments came from. There is none in game.

Anonymous Fapper

I thought this was a boring VN. I wasnt particularly intrigued by any of the characters during my brief run at it. Certainly not enough to grind Affection/Rep beyond about 10 with any of the girls. Add in the fairly repulsive and confusing cut scenes and story and I simply lost interest.

I think the author overestimates the appeal of his early story hook and underestimates the impact of the body horror he included in early scenes.

Anonymous Fapper

I think if the author cut out a bit of the body horror and the sudden cuts and lost info in scenes then I would find this VN more palatable.

For example, the early sex scene with Anne. I couldn’t really tell what was going on beyond the idea it was a sex scene of some kind. Cant really tell you what they did though because the scene kept jumping around.

Also why did there have to blood? or bugs? Just trying to gross me out. Well it worked and now I dont wont to continue. Sorry.

Anonymous Fapper

I normally don’t comment on games, but I just wanted you to know Scruffles this is a good game. Don’t let the NTR hate commenters distract you from that. Storyline is intriguing and compelling. You’re the artist painting the picture of this world, keep your own vision.

Anonymous Fapper

Agree. Remove Harem tag.
Add NTR and embrace the boring fetish for boys.

Do you find any MFFF here? PAYWALL?

Anonymous Fapper

Off your meds again I see.

Anonymous Fapper

Tell us how unlock MFFF Harem. With meds or without meds.

Anonymous Fapper

He can’t. Because nothing yet.

Anonymous Fapper

DEV is a HAREM HATER with Harem tag of MMMMMF in future.