Fort of Chains

Fort of Chains is a completed, free, moddable, open-source, TEXT-ONLY sandbox management NSFW game where you manage a band of slavers in a fantasy world. Be warned that the game contains heavy themes of slavery and non-consensual sex.

Key designs. This game is designed to be a short-story-teller machine: the core gameplay involves assigning groups of slavers to quests, then reading what happens to them, and finally getting the various quests’ rewards (money, slaves, etc.). Fort of Chains is written in Twine and SugarCube 2. This game is heavily inspired by No Haven and Free Cities. This game covers all spectrum of orientations: (you can setup the game to cater to whichever gender orientations you prefer). This game is complete: all features, bugfixes, polish, balancing, and originally planned stories are finished. But improvements and community-made content are still being added continuously to the game.

Contributing. The game is always looking for all and any kind of contributions! As of v1.1.3.2, at least 10 kind contributors have helped by adding content into the game, while much more have helped playtest the game and give feedbacks.

First, you can help support this game by adding your stories into the game. It is very easy to do, because this game is designed from scratch to be a writer’s wet dream. You do not need any programming knowledge at all to write new stories to the game, nor you need to commit to it from start. The only thing you need is to have the story in mind. Once you do, simply follow the in-game GUI tool to add your story into the game, all at your leisure. Once you are done, you can submit the finished story either in the subreddit (Example submission in the subreddit), or if you are feeling adventurous, directly in the repository. If the story fits the game, it will be added pronto, with a lot of thanks! (There is a Tutorial, but the in-game GUI tool is designed to be friendly enough that it is not necessary to read the tutorial.)

Second, the game is open-source, so programmers, artists, and other contributors are also highly welcomed! Code fixes, artwork for units, flavor texts, everything is available for improvement.

Questions? If you are hoping to contribute something and have questions, please do not hesitate to ask in the subreddit.

Developer: Darko – | Source Code
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac / HTML
Language: English
Genre: Text-based, Management, Sandbox, Strategy, Simulator, Character Creation, Slave, Fantasy, Trainer, Rape, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Gay, Male Domination, Female Domination, Lesbian

1. Extract and open “precompiled.html” in your favorite browser.
2. If you want to contribute content. see details here:


  • Content
    • New quest chain: Household Destruction (5 quests, 5 opportunities, 6 events)
    • New event and opportunity: Revenge Attempt
    • New event: Penitent (by FCdev)
    • New event: chastity release
    • Written player specific background variants for 40+ existing events.
  • Content Creator
    • New cost: Domify unit
    • New cost: Sluttify unit
  • Image
    • A bunch of new images
  • QoL
    • Non-company unit rep now show details in debug mode
  • Misc
    • Curse of lamb and curse of wolf now affect sluttification / domification
    • Dragonkin knights are more common now
    • More granularity of sold slave unit group
  • Engine
    • Remove hardcoded child inherit chance in unit birth
  • Bugfix
    • Fix savior kobold not allowing master fire / light slavers to go (thanks to DangThings)
    • Fix VarAdd adding strings instead of integers in some cases
    • Fix deleteUnit duplicated in unit image
    • Fix missing tags in tomb raider quest
  • Text fixes
    • Fix missing tooltip on dragonkin’s dual fire / light affinities
    • Fixed gilded pet tray [unobtainable] name not removed.

Download Links:

Rating: 2.8/5. From 65 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

wow, you still working on that shit ? ????

Anonymous Fapper

The game is finished, as far as I know, all updates past that point weren’t from the actual owner, but from the community that adds more content, mechanics, and such stuff.

So, no, he isn’t.

Suck your mom

im so confused on how to pla this game

Anonymous Fapper

reminds me of degrees of lewdity


both are built from twine, it’s actually kinda neat

Anonymous Fapper

woah you’re not mad at something


The game looks promising at first: A text-based slave-trainer game, where you go on quests to get money and slaves while upgrading your base. Every character is randomly generated with a wide array of traits and the quests are well written and interesting. The problem is, that none of these characters have their own personalities, so the only thing that changes are their portraits and names. Training the slaves is a chore, rather than fun. There are only a handful of quests and they just repeat


Some characters have interesting traits like being the “Chosen One”, with their own quest line, but that’s about it. You have an in-game shop, which sells furnitures, clothes, accessories and toys, but it sells the same 6 sets constantly, no matter if you have bought them before. You don’t train the slaves for yourself, you train them to sell, which takes the fun out of customising them anyway. Your character is only namely the leader of the company, they’re practically common slavers too.


All in all, this can become a great game given time, but the lack of actual content (it’s full of flashy stuff that the devs can show off, but lacks actual stuff that you could do. Like a shop that sells candies, but in reality it only sells one shitty granola bar) and the lack of soul really takes it’s toll on it. After the first 5 hours, you have seen everything. I will check up on this game after a few months from now, hopefully they add enough content by then to be worth playing.

Anonymous Fapper

Tried to run this on android, but the pictures do not appear on the html page- any simple fix to help it find the image folders?


get a computer, loser

Anonymous Fapper

You can use joiplay to run it.