The idea is to make a post-apocalyptic, open-world action RPG with a sexual twist. As a player, your goal is to survive and change the world around you. However, even in a harsh world, people still need some human intimacy. Discover, socialize, influence. You will be able spread your seed around the world, you just need better armor and weapons to survive the travels between different locations – different locations, different people to interact with.

Developer/Publisher: M.Schneider – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: None
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Character creation, Sci-fi, RPG, Shooter, Combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Monster

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “HoeRizon.exe” to start playing.




  • Weapon recoil has been added
  • 12 new body customization options for Female and Male
  • World map can now be opened while driving
  • Ability to rotate vehicle camera
  • Added quick slots for inventory (medkits and other stuff)
  • Two new weapon types (pistol and shotgun)
  • New weapon selection system (Hold Q to swap weapons)
  • Added tattoos for both player and NPCs
  • Added new BDSM clothes
  • 15 new hair styles with physics
  • Few new NPC clothes
  • Improved Day/Night Cycle
  • New BDSM sex scene
  • Running over enemies with a vehicle will kill them
  • Ragdoll system for player character and enemies
  • Granade prediction pathing and indicator where it will land
  • 3 new skills (bombard, dome, drone)
  • Improved character material
  • Mouse sensitivity setting
  • Screen percentage setting (Lower end PCs can set lower value to get better performance)
  • 8 New different footstep sound types (currently 4-5 in use)
  • New destructible object system (currently just for street reflection poles, but more will be added soon)
  • Overall map visual improvement
  • Dynamic crosshair
  • NPC Citizen system (AI that will walk around the city and do simple tasks, at the moment it’s a very early WIP)
  • Updated game engine to a newer version
  • Improved performance


  • Fatal error fix
  • Harvestable objects are not displayed on minimap (trees, rocks, plants)
  • Enemy might continue firing even after being killed
  • Sometimes default FOV value would get overwritten
  • During customization male clothing preview came with a helmet which overlapped the hair
  • Character customization settings would reset after leaving sex animation UI
  • Clicking back in BDSM menu sometimes would make player’s body to disappear
  • Character gear is now displayed correctly in character’s selection section
  • Merchant wouldn’t display several items in some cases
  • Trees no longer block camera view
  • Player and NPCs can no longer get stuck in trees (all foliage collision got redone)
  • Sound settings would not be set from save file until options window got opened
Rating: 2.3/5. From 41 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

code EAST10

Anonymous Fapper

how do I start the game? I made my character but it still won’t let me click “start game” and will only let me click “select character.”

Anonymous Fapper

Algum código que ainda funcione?

Anonymous Fapper

The game is real Heavy you need a real good PC to run it smooth and a even much better GPU with a very strong Cooler.After 2 Minutes only at the start screen to make my avatar my GPU that run near every Top AAA normal Game with no problems was close to burn.In the game is near nothing only endless walk around in a real nice World.Sex is only at the start and its real basic maybe its only to show what we can await later.The Game seams more a half modern shooter then a Sex Game at this state.

Anonymous Fapper

I think it’s pretty sexist you can’t play as a female, Why tf is that a fucking thing. Either make games where you don’t surround one gender. Or don’t make games at all, it’s that fucking simple.

Your Friend

Get Trigged!

Anonymous Fapper

eItHeR mAkE bOtH gEnDeRs Or DoNt MaKe AnYtHiNg


Or simply don’t play those games and look out for or create other ones.
It’s not on you to decide which kind of game a dev has to create… If you don’t like ntr, don’t play games with ntr. If you don’t like getting smashed by a girl with a dick, simply ignore games with futa in them???? it’s that simple.

Anonymous Fapper

Exactly! I think its also speciesist, materialist and idiotist that you cant play as a full ashtray for the 1997 M3 BMW Coupé

Anonymous Fapper

///your one of those feminist then ehh???

Anonymous Fapper

Fuck you you leftwinger piece of shit , get your communist brainwashing with the myth of “girl power” elsewhere asshole. Only weak men believe in the ridiculous and laughable “strong” , “kick ass” ,”bad ass” female “hero” character that has NEVER existed in real life or fantasy. You fucking brainwashed leftwing sjw loser.

Anonymous Fapper

woohoo, prize twat alert. Read some fucking history you basement-dwelling crusted tissue reeking moron.

Anonymous Fapper

Just step right on out of that closet and admit your’re gay. We won’t judge you. We all know only gay or bisexual guys play female characters. Anyone who says otherwise is simply in denial. Step out, you know you’ll better once you admit it.


Talk for yourself bro. I (and maybe other guys) play with female characters because of the control – the idea of possessing that character, its like a god mode in a sexual plot. Nothing to do with being gay or bisexual.

Anonymous Fapper

Just step out of your own closet and admit that you have never met a woman, that’s why it never occurs to you that one might want to play games as one. Fuck me, what a tiny world you live in, bwahahaa… Good luck if you ever have to emerge from your bedroom little boy.

Anonymous Fapper

When you rage like a kicked puppy on all the games that are female MC only, then, and only then, will your sexist, trash, illiterate, blind, dumbàss argument be valid.

Until then, go suck a donkey dick, dumbmutt

Doctor Hugh J. Mungusdik

You know there’s a screen shot of a female character, right? If you’d stop your vagina from bleeding long enough to actually look at shit then you might know that you need a patreon code to play a female character. I have a wine bottle that might fit in that gaping blackhole long enough to stop the bleed out from your brain to your vag long enough to look. Give it a shot. Who knows? You might enjoy it.