Foster Home for Fantasy Girls

You are in the shoes of the last Battle Priest. The war against magical creatures for which you were created is finally over. But during your last battle you learn something that opens your eyes and your perspective on everything. You have goals, and one of them is to learn about magical creatures instead of slaying them. But it seems there’s more to it than just that. Learn the story as you purchase magic girls and train them so one day they can serve you properly.

Developer: Tiredtxxus – Patreon | Discord
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Romance, Corruption, Masturbation, Sexual harassment, Animated, Blackmail, Fantasy, Elves, Exhibitionism, Groping, Simulator, Spanking, POV, Teasing, Virgin

Extract and play.

Rating: 4.1/5. From 202 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

ah i really like this game, hey Txxus-sama i think it would be better if you focus more on the sex, than the story for a while, you know, to lure more patreons, i would donate myself but im just a simple sudaka without credit card, anyways loving your game (also sorry for insulting people on the comments)

Anonymous Fapper

I don’t really know how I feel about this game, I like the concept. But I don’t like a bunch of repetitive grind, same stuff over and over and over, etc… Plus the fact that there are already much better games out there like Harem Hotel, Hail Dicktator, etc.. and those games everything looks much better. I know this game is still early, but to stand out from the crowd I feel the game needs to bring something more than basically just some teasing and grind. Right now if I had to rate it (i have not yet) I would give it a 1 star, not trying to be cruel but I played for about an hour and the MC has not even fucked anyone.

Anonymous Fapper

this is the most autistic bullshit i have ever read

Anonymous Fapper

you don’t understand autism then.

Anonymous Fapper

I was trying to give an opinion and maybe help the dev reach more people. But you just lash out and insult me personally. Maybe if you disagree with my opinion you should use your grown up words to say how you feel about the game, instead of just spitting out your bile of hate.

Anonymous Fapper

Ironic, for someone who straight up went into a list of what *he* thinks are better games, despite not being relatively the same.

Have a little bit of self awareness. Your “review” comes off as nothing more than spiteful anger.

Anonymous Fapper

i love this, i hope we can get an update soon. be well and healthy dev!


O jogo esta muito bom, uma pena está incompleto, eu joguei por algumas horas e fui analisando o que ele poderia oferecer, a arte tá muito perfeita pra esse estilo que não vemos muito por ai, e a história também me chama muita atenção tanto por ser um trainer game, qunto pela lore em si.

Se você ainda estiver desenvolvendo o jogo, eu gostaria de indicar que você colocasse itens relacionados aos treinamentos dos personagens, e também algum tipo de troca de roupa.

E isso, o jogo tá muito bem, espero que tome um rumo legal e que possamos ver ele pronto algum dia.

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RanCor 33

Sorry, I don’t speak gibberish. Now go learn a real language, loser.

Anonymous Fapper

he said if you even had half a brain to look up. The game is very good, a pity it’s incomplete, I played it for a few hours and analyzed what it could offer, the art is very perfect for this style that we don’t see much around, and the story also catches my attention so much for being a trainer game, as much for the lore itself.
If you’re still developing the game, I’d like to suggest that you put in items related to character training, as well as some sort of clothing change.

Tired Txxus

I’m just trying to stay active for the community, my dude. I’m sorry if I or my game did anything to offend you.

Anonymous Fapper

Appreciate it, man. Don’t mind Bren, he’s just bitter.


^^^ This is what living rent free in people’s heads looks like.

Anonymous Fapper

people literaly just reading your name XD, i have to admire your effort in begin so pathetic

Anonymous Fapper

you realize you replied to this 4 months later? it’s probable the dude doesn’t even remember you

Anonymous Fapper

And you should find a hobby other than being a useless piece of shit

Tired Txxus

Idk what to tell you, man. Stick and stones. Idk what drives people in your position to mock others. Probably you’ve gone through stuff. Hurt on some way and you are unleashing your sadness and anger here, and probably other places. I understand how you can get some joy out of it, but you are only making yourself miserable on the long run with that bitterness just to get a few quick laughs. I hope I’m wrong and you are doing well, and if not, I hope things go better for you. Cya around I hope.

Anonymous Fapper

Bren, my guy. Just take the long walk into the dark and don’t bother coming back. Your mother already has a new husband. Your girlfriend is just a pile of dirty socks in the basement.

Nobody will miss you. Nobody will investigate your departure.