Free Tease

This game Free Tease will be the story of a girl that transfer to another city to study.

Without the restrictions of a family around and experiencing her real free will for the first time, she will start to develop, bit by bit, her real sexual desires.

The game is still in its starting phase, but you already have a lot of harassing and exibitionism events.

There is no really grind, just enjoy your play going around the city and interacting with the peoples. In no-time you will be able to change your dress and do even more dirty things!

Enjoy your slow corruption!

The game will be uploaded every 1-2 months, but every time we will reach a little goal on patreon, I’ll release a new version in a couple of days, to demonstrate my appreciation.

Thank you guys!

Developer: TheOtherProject – Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Female protagonist, 2dcg, animated, exibitionism, school setting, sexual harassement, groping, urination, voyeurism, corruption

Unzip and play.


– Around 100 new images.

– Roommates event (50-exb- sleep dress).

– House enviroment.

– 4+1 new events.

– 3 new animations.

– 1 new video.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 84 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

I hope it will go on: for now is really soft, but exciting!

Anonymous Fapper

An arm is touching her breast..

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

female protag -_-

Anonymous Fapper

Not tagged…

Anonymous Fapper

Oh and you’d have no way of knowing with the arduous task of reading the description for 10 seconds. FOH

Anonymous Fapper

But Dev and people than tag here in site are retard. And not know.

Anonymous Fapper

Android version please…


This must’ve taken almost several hours to make. The fact that it’s version 0.2 and took 5 weeks from release to get an update that takes it to 70 Honey Select renders TOTAL is reason enough to never download this lazy garbage. And it has 6 patrons. Fucking spastics who love to be fleeced.

Anonymous Fapper

If everyone thought like you, we will have just 3-10 games to play…
Do you think that 20$ are enought to make a live?
Even if a dev, like this one, spent 2day work monthly, I think he do it for passion.


And how much do you think this god awful trash game should make? Based on the talent on display I’d say ZERO $. In fact I’d say the dev owes anybody unfortunate enough to download this fucking trash money for wasting their time.


dude fuck u u think that the developer works for u retarded? hey u too lame hahahaha loser