High Pressure

High Pressure is an adult RPG game built in RPGMaker MV where decisions matter.
Depending on your choices Adelina will be able to remain pure or fall into lustful wanton. Keep her loyalty to the Empire, side with the Rebels or simply remain impartial as a true journalist. Earn fame and claim her prize in the contest or fade into obscurity.
The decisions you take will change what Adelina is willing to do. Such as changing her clothing or being more willing to engage in lewd activities.

Adelina Steinmeyer is heir to a small noble house that has fallen on hard times. Working as a journalist for the “Small Times” an independent publishing house in the capital of the Endar Empire.
Opportunity knocks at her door as the head of the office intends to retire, offering her a chance to inherit the newspapers by taking part in a contest.
With the winds of rebellions and dissatisfaction brewing in the distant colonies of the empire. She must travel to the regions of conflict and write the best stories she can in hopes of earning her prize and restoring her house to its former glory.
Her missions was easier said than done. The pressure to censor the events in favor of the Empire. The potential to use her writing to rally the Rebels. Or remain truly impartial and report the events as they happen. And adding to her troubles a string of robberies in the colony leave her with just the clothes on her back.
Which road will she walk? What will she be willing to do in order to claim her prize? And what misadventures await her?

Developer: SteamUP – PatreonSubscribe Staritch.ioko-fiDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Adventure

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.5/5. From 121 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

This game has a team of EIGHT people. All they managed in 18 months was a crap demo. Think what some solo devs have achieved in 18 months then look at this clown show.

Anonymous Fapper

You RPGM, you lose


this game fucking sucks


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Anonymous Fapper

This is the 4th demo version so don’t expect much of a content. Seems like the devs are still debating about the game logo and starting screen.
And this may be a good start. Refining and improving are good. For a start. By the end of the year, demo v5 will present our heroin in a Christmas outfit. And this may be great too, for a new start. For a new year start. 🙂


Will this ever get updated with content?

Anonymous Fapper

Did you actually comment here with your real face on your profile??

Anonymous Fapper

I think it’s a fake, no one is that brave… or dumb!

Anonymous Fapper

I was dumb. I learned my lesson fellers.

Anonymous Fapper

Hahaha was that actually you?

Anonymous Fapper

Ye man..

Anonymous Fapper

He has balls

Anonymous Fapper

Absolute power move