Hole Dweller

Hole Dweller is a sandbox furry porn game!
You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with.

Developer: Thigh High Games – PatreonItch.ioTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Anime, Cute, Furry, Pixel Art, Porn, Sandbox, Sex, Single Player

Double click HoleDweler.exe

#17 Hotfix

-New content

New character! you can find it ***DEEP*** into the snow biome

Achievement system

Now stuff you do unlocks cheevos, if you enjoy ticking checkboxes i hope you enjoy em

-Added new apperances

Fox #8 based on braixen from pokemon

Wolf #10 based on mangle from FNAF

Shark #5 based on undyne from undertale

Humanized Shark #5 based on female slark from dota 2

Kobold #5 based on susie from deltarune

Kobold #6 based on salazzle from pokemon


Orange interface (forgot to add it for the fox oops)

Purple interface

Pink lock: Allows to have anal sex without needing to max out vaginal poses


Made it so now there is no day cooldown between finding girls

The garbage collector gets called every time a day ends

Now you can see impregnation progress for the player character

Inmediately dangerous blocks can no longer spawn right next to your starting position

Now you can see how fertile a girl is, if you’re curious whats the formula behind each impregnation here it is

a dice of 900 sides gets thrown and if the resulting number is lower than (girl love stat + 15)*(fertilization percent*0.01)-(times the egg has been impregnated*20)

/////////////////////////////////////// here is how that looks in GML code

var check_margin=(owner.statArr[stats.love]+15)*(owner.fertilityMultiplier+owner.fertilityBonus);


if (instance_exists(owner) && irandom(GAME_STAT_DATA[stats.love, statData.maxValue]*3)<check_margin) fertilizedNum++;


TLDR Get love stat maxed out to ensure pregnancy


Girls now have a fertility multiplier, some girls are more fertile than others

Now whenever a cum/squirt drop hits a wall or cealing it gets destroyed and creates a particle effect instead of sliding arround weirdly

Tweaked how the highlights on the shop menu are rendered to avoid them transparenting the background


Added a safeguard to avoid out of map crashbugs

Fixed bug where villages weren’t buyable if you had too many drill ups before the update

Fixed rain could occur in snowy biomes

Fixed bug that makes it so if you select the nicole skin on the fox limb shading won’t be applied to every other apperance

Fixed bug where knotted line played in incorrect situations

Fixed bug where big dick line played in incorrect situations

Replaced line where shark girl mentions not being able to impregnate you

Hotfix 1


Now both pose ups restore your max health

Text on the squad screen is more responsive

Added 120hz mode! toggleable with “P”

I don’t actually have a 120hz monitor so tell me if it works, it is also fairly untested so i assume some stuff will be wonky when used


Gave sheep her perk (oops)

Corrected the resource sheep multiplies

Fixed bug where if a futa had heated sex and impregnated someone the dialogue would come out messed up

Fixed bug where girl rewards would be wrongly given on futa sex

Fixed villages having a cap of 100

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Rating: 1.7/5. From 106 votes.
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I’m looking to dwell in some holes. But this wasn’t what I had in mind.


Can anyone recommend a good incest game with a lot of fucking

Anonymous Fapper

dating my daughter best of the best

Anonymous Fapper

you guys need therapy

Federal Bureau of Investigation

What why? Incest is nice. There is nothing wrong with it. Me and my team we all support incest. :))
There is no person that loves you more then your mother ever will . :p

Anonymous Fapper

says the person on a furry h game


“with a lot of fucking”


Long Lost Daughter

Anonymous Fapper

the charaters are so small and the pixel art is so chunky that it makes the sex scenes look like minecraft porn

Anonymous Fapper

ironic that you’re complaining given that you fap to minecraft porn anyway

Anonymous Fapper

i dint say that but nice comeback attempt


your not say you do not


This game is still in Dev. Obviously no one here has actually played it. Yeah, no mom or borther. It’s an exploration game where you unlock stuff by mining and take residents into your RV thingy. They pay with sex. Idiots just trying to shit on games without actually playing them are worse than trash.

Anonymous Fapper

Are you actually fucking KIDDING me??