Hot Workplace Taboos

In this game you start as tech intern in a company. As you progress you realize that doing tasks are not as usual like in other companies. Hopefully you are well equipped for hardest job they can throw on you.

Developer: Shady Deeds – Patreon | | Gamejolt
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adventure, Visual Novel, Adult, Dating Sim, Erotic, office

Halloween Special is independent from main story. To start it click on “Halloween Special” in main menu.


Christine office, dialogues and sex scene redesign.

Ann cubicle, dialogues and sex scene redesign.

Christine and Ann bonus poses for patrons only.



Melisa bonus scene for patrons only and striptease for the others 🙂

Law firm access from Halloween special bug repaired.



Scenes gallery added to main menu (gallery code will be sent to loyal patrons via message)

Law girls after sex dialogue bug repaired.

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Rating: 1.9/5. From 59 votes.
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Man this puzzels are like from puzzle game but 100time harder make it esier or guid

Anonymous Fapper

This game needs one hell of a guide or this aint gonna work. If you’re just tryin to fap, then this game is not sth that I would recommend.


Well I think the reason for the low rating is because the game doesn’t know its target audience  – it’s more suitable for puzzlers than wankers (if you are both congrats but I think that’s not a very common combination). I’m certainly not one who thinks that adult games have to be only about porn-like fucking, but with this focus without a skip function or at least appropriate hints, the game can’t be successful.

Shady Deeds

Thx, I might add some hint box in one of next versions.. There’s a walk through for patreons also..

Anonymous Fapper

are you sure it is not because it looks kinda shity¿ i see the dev making redisings in the changelog but i dont see them in the little “images” section

Anonymous Fapper

man these puzzles are so complicated, at least add a hint 🙁 i’ve tried everything with the cords and if the first puzzle is already messing me over i have no chance with this game lol

Jack Beck

Puzzles? Wtf? I thought this is a porn site

Shady Deeds

Just push all cabels behind white one to pick it up.

Anonymous Fapper

this just shitty game i cant find any walkthrough and so many puzzle my eyes burning