Inn Another World

This is a hand drawn Visual Novel/Dating Sim game, where you run an Inn in, you guessed it, another world.
Thrown into an unfamiliar world, you must survive and manage your inn,
while learning about this new world you find yourself in.
Meet, romance, and fuck a variety of monster girls, while keeping your inn running and learning to fit in.

Developer: Dagotto – | Subscribestar | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, anal sex, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, vaginal sex, oral sex, dating sim, monster girl, lactation, futa, trans, virgin, milf, harem, romance, voyeurism, sandbox, transformation, group sex

Extract and run the .exe file.


New Content:

Completed Tirria’s initial storyline:

-2 Events

-5 Scenes

-1 Animated Sex scene

Transformation potions can now be purchased at the potion shop (after completing the quest for the shopkeeper):

-Breast size change potions for Vera (changes are reflected in her sex scenes)

-Futanari potions for Alice and Maria (Included a new animated sex scene with 2 variations for each character)

Other Additions:

-Remade Vera’s first sex scene (handjob)

-Threesome scene for Alice and Tirria

-One Animated sex scene for Maria

-Added a textbox opacity slider

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue with Kirana giving the wrong conversations in her room

-Fixed multiple issues with Camilla disappearing

-Fixed an issue with Sonia’s body disappearing

-Fixed an issue with Iris and Chloe’s quest

-Fixed several issues with the scene replay system

-Various spelling mistakes and fixes

Rating: 3.5/5. From 55 votes.
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The five commenters below me came so hard to this game that they got angry at how much jizz they shot at the sight of a girl with a cock.


Not everyone is obsessed with dick like you are,.

Anonymous Fapper

And that’s not even mentioning that ALL futa content in the game is 100% optional. Sad how patheticly weak some people are when it comes to 100% SKIPPABLE STUFF.

Anonymous Fapper

Latest update added magical trannie potions you can buy and give your waifus to turn them from women into futa trannies. disgusting and degenerate. So fucking disappointing.

Anonymous Fapper

Better buckle up cause this is a grindy one. You have to talk to the girls so many time it’s stupid. You can buy books to boost stats but have to read them 5-6 times. Anything over 2 times 3 max is to much TBH. I had sex with the dog girl then deleted the game it’s just not worth the hassel. What little bit of story sucks you do the same thing over and over 50 times just to get the girl to like you. It’s not a bad concept of a game just poorly brought out. 1.5 stars out of 5


Another groomer game. All pics are female but trands tag. Which means at some point you are going to have a dick pulled out on you. Trying to get you to do homosexual acts.

game for fags

game is headed off into the weeds with the fucking lgbtq+ garbage. an entire update devoted to tranny bullshit and gay shit is also planned. instead of taking time to actually bug test this shit, dev chooses to focus entirely on futafag trash so there are bugs everywhere. way to ruin the fucking game, you fucking futa loving cunt.