Isekai Brothel

Isekai Brothel is an adult dating simulator with characters from different Animes/Mangas.

We’re Not Just a Brothel, we use a technology of travel between universes! With this technology you can teleport to the desired universe or you can teleport our girls to your universe.

Here you can satisfy your fantasies with girls from other universes, from Dating, Quick Sex, Fetishes, Etc…


Full HD Resolution: All Game Images & Animations are in Full HD 1920×1080 with a frame rate of 60FPS. To make this possible we use the most advanced compression encoders to maintain good quality with small file size.

Many Sex Sounds: Almost all girls has her own set of breathing, sex, orgasm and pleasure sounds. You will experience a greater variation of sounds during animations.

Multi-step Animations: All sex and service animations have progressions over the course of the scene + Almost all sex scenes with clothed or naked option. You will see from the beginning to the climax in each animation set.

Developer: Isekai Brothel – | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, creampie, teasing, interracial, voyeurism, cosplay, vaginal sex, oral sex, masturbation, footjob, parody, trainer, titfuck

1. Extract and run.

December Cheat Code:
glubglub (Unlocks all scenes with characters).


Added Characters:

  • Rem (Re:Zero) ✔
  • Rosa (Pokémon) ✔
  • Videl (Dragon Ball Super) ✔
  • Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx) ✔
Rating: 3.2/5. From 77 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

anyone know cheat code?

Anonymous Fapper

glubglub that unlocks all 😀
have fun with the cheat

Anonymous Fapper

glubglub that unlocks all have fun with it 😀

Anonymous Fapper

Dev really saw Nezuko in the manga/anime and was like, “I’d love to see her naked.” Weebs have absolutely no boundary jesus.

Mike hunt hurts a lot

change her hair to brown and make her tits slightly smaller and you basically have my wife so yea im on the Nezuko train XD

Anonymous Fapper

bro has a wife and is playing a hentai game :skull:

Anonymous Fapper

so leave nagatoro and megumin as they are but you inflate kanna and nezuko? hypocrite much?

Anonymous Fapper

if you are gonna butcher a character looks, then just dont add them there is 3000 big titty milf out there if you want that

Anonymous Fapper

what? lol weebs will complain about anything

Mike hunt hurts a lot

Interesting game definitely caught my interest due to Bulma and Asuna, kinda looking forward to see who else gets added


You get to screw Hayacchi from Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. While that isn’t an Isekai it still deserves 5 stars. Just for that.

Anonymous Fapper

Well, it’s not even a brothel… it’s more of a dating simulator. You don’t actually pay girls. I think the creator would have done better to call the game like “Date your waifu”? or something like that.

Anyway, nice game!


True, on all points. These anime parody games are usually surprisingly decent.

Anonymous Fapper

That’s cos the public version doesn’t have any content. This is one of those trash paywalled games aimed at cuck losers who dream of being last in line.


Nobody touches my waifu!

Anonymous Fapper

Why do you care about being first or last? What matters is to be the best.

Anonymous Fapper

Do you feel the same about a sandwich or a car? 1/2 eaten sandwich and a beat up car? Nah, give me new. Don’t be a cuck.

Anonymous Fapper

You sound like an insecure boy who had to pay a slut to take his v-card. And you believed her when she said you were the best ever. All this while she was playing angry birds and booking her next herpes treatment.

Anonymous Fapper

You sound like a beta male trying to rationalize that you aren’t the pussy you are.

Anonymous Fapper

I care about being first because:

  1. STDs are real. stop spreading the misinformation that STDs do not exit
  2. Brood parasitism. I won’t waste my life raising someone else’s child like a cuck
  3. Whores are mentally ill, it is very unpleasant to be with them
  4. Throwing a hot down down a hallway
  5. Whores are just gross and I instinctively feel disgust. the same way as I would feel disgust towards wading through a sewer.
Anonymous Fapper

also let us not forget number 6:
whores make for bad mothers.