Jimmy Awkward Adventures

Jimmy Awkward Adventure is an adult orientated NSFW high quality visual novel, currently in development with a Pre-Alpha version.

“Jimmy Awkward Adventures” is a story about male protagonist Jimmy, that lives with his landlady and 3 roommates. Expect kinky hot scenes in awkward situations during the pandemy lockdown. While Jimmy is a gamer and cannot find a job, he finds something that helps him enter his Limbo and unlock what is hidden inside…

The game will feature 7 characters to meet and interact with in a 3 segment home.

You can download the Pre-Alpha version of the game for free, but by supporting the game on Patreon you gain access to latest builds and extra renders, and probably more in the future!

Developer: Jimmy TheDev – Patreon | Reddit | Itch |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Harem, Animation, Comedy, Erotic, Lewd, Male Protagonist, NSFW, Ren’Py, Cosplay, Toys, MILF, Exhibitionism, Gloryhole, Latex, Glasses, Public Sex, Spanking, Group Sex


– a sketch of a better summary screen of the characters at the end of each day.



watching tv with new character



shower scene with new character



laundry scene with new character



– introducing new character

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Anonymous Fapper

Women’s Farts Smell Worse Than Men’s, According To Science

Anonymous Fapper

Jimmy Awkward Adventures – 75% fantasy (sex parts)
by Jimmy_TheDev – 25% reality (awkward parts)

Females look like transgender males. Has the dev even seen a real female in the flesh?


It’s a comedy 😛

Anonymous Fapper

Bruh change it for good if you want to target a larger audience

Anonymous Fapper


Anonymous Fapper

only thing awkward are these models
my goodness what faces o.x

Anonymous Fapper

Yep – I need to fix few impressions here and there, but I want to keep the awkward style 😛

Anonymous Fapper

high quality? definitely not graphic-wise