Kana Sensei

You play the game as Kana Sensei, a teacher at an all girls school in Japan. Your job is simple. Teach students and give out spankings when necessary. Kana is an expert in discipline and seemingly has full authority at the school she works at. Will she become a tyrant or a saint that students look up too? You will decide.​

Developer: Kana – FANBOXSubscribestarPixivTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English, Japanese
Genre: Animated, Spanking, 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Humiliation, Anime, School, Mystery, Sandbox, Yuri, Voiced

1. Extract and run.


Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed red butt persistence on Yui spanking scene. (Every 4 smacks will save progress between camera switch)
2. Fixed 3rd person Yui spanking and removed idle animation.
3. Reduced spank icon overlay block from 1 sec –> 0.4 sec.
4. Increased preloaded image cache to 1GB to increase performance.
5. Added in updated Japanese translations.
6. Fixed “resume” point when switching between Japanese or English language.
7. Updated renders on snowman animations (smoother playback).
8. Replaced Nurse/Daughter spanking scene assets 30FPS –> 60FPS.
9. Fixed the “cheat” button in tic-tac-toe mini game when executing a rollback to round 1 & 2.
10. Fixed Japanese translations not being displayed properly in certain scenes.


Roadmap towards version 0.3.0:
1. Introduce Kana’s boss story line.
2. Continue naked snowman story line.
3. Continue train station story line. (repair paddle)
4. Continue game club story line (tic-tac-toe) [Adding new girls and new mini games.]
5. Add a stat management demerit system.
6. Add content for all places on the map that are currently not accessible.
7. Character development of School nurse and daughter.

Rating: 3.8/5. From 19 votes.
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Beat that ass!

Anonymous Fapper

What’s the point of this exactly?

Anonymous Fapper

Clap dem cheeks

Anonymous Fapper

its good,but too short