Kingdom: Wrath of the Dark Lady

The world is in great danger of darkness, the kingdom is suffering from plague and starvation.
You must try to convince the kingdoms to unite to take action against the darkness, or take fate into your own hands.
People despise you and it’s your choice whether you gain their trust or use your ways for a greater purpose.


Developer: NobleoneStudio – PatreonDiscord | Subscribestar | BuyMeACoffee | Twitter | Itch
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Blackmail, NTR, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Handjob, Sex, Male Domination, MaleProtagonist, Incest, Rape, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Combat, Adventure, Fantasy, RPG

Extract and run.

Help Me, I’m Stuck:
Press this button [=] to unstuck.

Blackscreen Bugfix:

This happens to a few percent of players, it may be fixed by running the game in a compatible mode for a different version of Windows.

If that still doesn’t work try this : MEGA

  1. Download one of the nwjs files, and replace all the files in the game.
  2. Then download the small ffmpeg 0.70.1 and replace the ffmpeg file.
  3. Run game with nw.exe
  4. If it still doesn’t work try the other nwjs file and replace the ffmpeg again.

Lags Fix:

There is also an easy fix for occasional lags using the key U to turn the UI off and on will fix the issue for that map (still working on a permanent solution).


-Added tutorial line before lockpicking

-Boss UI modified

-Julieth can now treat wounds/heal every evening

-Julieth repeateble sex changed dialog

-Dinner with the Laddies is now triggered on the second day after saving Adda

-Fixed dialog, when rent is paid

-Changed dialog and choices in the orc camp

-Changed dialog elves

-Attack orcs, is no longer an option

-Changed option- I am here to save Lady

-New option MC is no longer forced to fight for her, he can Fight for her/Persuade

-Orc guards, now will return to the spot

-A room can be bought now in the Inn at night.

-KEY: Valeria’s room was found! fixed

-Garona in the tent after sleeping fixed

-Repairing stairs, no longer triggers orc conversation

-Animals in camp now respawns /7-day (Swamp not yet implemented)

-Few adjustments in talents (new talent)

-Add stealing bonus talents

-Spider now waits on day 2.

-Princess will not come on day 1 after meeting Spider.

-Changed Emily’s scene now a different progress, so a player no longer needs to wait a day to progress + added choices to jump forward.

-Added the use of Mind Reading, a player can only see Emily (thoughts) when the skill is learned, so far.

Rating: 3.0/5. From 176 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

What do you give Julieth? Quest log says i need to give her something but I am unable to find anything obvious. The vendors do not seem to have anything either.
Please help.

Anonymous Fapper

Necklace/Fine Ring


Hey guys, I’m the developer of this game, if you have any issues with the game, text me on Discord, and I’ll try to solve it asap. Also, you can find shared save files and some tips there and some info about the development of the game. Thanks for playing this game.

Anonymous Fapper

How add porn content in Male MC straight path? Paywall?
Not interesed in MMMF G/\Y / F\/TA / Voyeur peep on guys for plot reasons / Netorare.


What are you talking about, there is no MMMF G/\Y / F\/TA

Anonymous Fapper

MC G..Y Voyeur path peeping on dicks / NTR removed?

Plans of ADD PORN content in Male MC Straight path? MC fucking girls? MFF threesome? MFFF foursome?

Avoidable sh…t content if zero alternative paths to male straight audience is nonsense.

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t worry about this guy. These kind of players are driven by insecurity. Everything they don’t like is gay, or whatever, and must be eliminated rather than some that they aren’t interested in and should just bypass.


I saw a gangbang with my spice lovely male orcs friends. Spice. Don’t lie to MMMF haters. Please don’t shy away of our fetishs for another guys. For science. I always use science against insecure guys than love just pussy.

Anonymous Fapper

in regards to that.
the game is mostly straight male content.
there is 1 gangbang and 1 peep scene. which, I do think have no business being in the game.
token scenes like that drive away more players than they bring in

Anonymous Fapper

1 gangbang?
Then IF MOSTLY straigh are 3-4 MFFF?

ITS 100% G Y path. BI-G YMale MC
0% MFFF with Bi-Lesbian girls.

Anonymous Fapper

give us fast travel please.

Anonymous Fapper

the update was like no update

Anonymous Fapper

Maybe just content in “BROMANCE” path.
Nothing in Male MC straight path because no time to add content for all. Then priority “GBT” people


Hey, it’s true it’s a bit of a small patch, it’s because I’ve been working on the major update 0.20.

Anonymous Fapper

2-3 years.
You are not WORKING.

Anonymous Fapper

Not worth trying to play the game locks up constantly which is sad because it’s kind of a cool game. Moving around you still a pain getting stuck on things.


Please describe your bug on my discord. There is probably already a fix for that.

Anonymous Fapper

In Azug’s tent, I talked with Adda but when the interaction ended I was stuck behind her. I can’t leave the tent or even the top left corner of it.