La Douche

“Imagine you were invisible, what would you do?”Well, imagine no more!!
This Virtual Reality experience will let you experiment that!
For real, havent you thought about it? 

This is a virtual experience where you get to be an invisible, omnipresent being inside a shower room with a very hot girl getting ready to take a shower.
Player can move freely inside the room using the keyboard or a game controller
Full head positional tracking
Oculus Rift CV1 Ready (requires SteamVR)
HTC Vive Ready
Non-VR Ready
3 Fully Animated Girls
Option to customize the girls​

Censorship: No
OS: Windows (Desktop or VR)
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, 3DCG, male protagonist, fantasy, simulator, sexual harassment

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “LaDouche.exe” to start playing.

Desktop Mode Controls:

WASD – Movement
E – Grab/Interact
R – Reset Girl Position
C – Crouch
Left Click – Shoot/activate
Right Click – Toggle Hand
1,2,3,4 – Change Characters
F – Pause Girl
M – Enter Mosquito Mode
Q – Girl Actions Menu

VR Mode Controls:

Trigger – Activate/Interact
Grab – Grab
L Joystick/Pad up – Teleport/Pointer
L Joystick/Pad left/right – Snap Turn
R Joystick/Pad up – Change Characters
R Joystick/Pad left – Reset Girl Position
R Joystick/Pad right – Pause Girl
M – Enter Mosquito Mode
R Touch Controller Button – Girl Menu
L Touch Controller Button – Enter Possession Mode

bug fixes

Rating: 1.7/5. From 56 votes.
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Older fapper

Looked interesting so I downloaded and played. After a few minutes of being totally confused as to how to interact with the dancing girl, I’d had enough and deleted. I was playing on a laptop.

Anonymous Fapper

demo? Some sort of 3D test sim (no actual story here;) [Good Basis but not end product]
Should Be able 2 use arrows/keypad keys/mouse for movement etc
Would B better if complete house/environment do stuff in (basically just 1 room)

Anonymous Fapper

How to get the girl options?

Anonymous Fapper

buen juego continua en ello :mrgreen:

Anonymous Fapper

please update.
also, can you actually do anything or is it basically just watching it dance