Legends of the Sunny Seas
“Legends of the Sunny Seas” – is an Adult 3D adventure game with RPG elements, powered by Unreal Engine 4. You play as a young guy named John Wake. By the will of fate, you get your own ship and you’ll have to recruit a crew, find allies and defeat evil in the Sunny Seas.

As in most third-person RPG games, you can walk around, talk with NPCs, take quests, complete quests, fail quests, fight with swords, trade, upgrade your ship, and also build relationships with crew members (and some other NPCs), make love with them.

The main storyline will contain prologue and four parts. It’s about 9 BIG quests, not like “go bring something, go kill someone”, with different ends. Also, every of 6 companions (crew members) will have their own storyline. Completing their quests you can increase or decrease levels of relationship with each companion.​

Developer: SevenStone
Censored: No
OS: Windows 64-bit
Language: English
Genre: 3D, open world, rpg, handjob

1. Extract and run.

Rating: 3.2/5. From 16 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Unreal engine DOES NOT allow create fap games….

Dig Bick

Wow this game is weird… if your not a patreon you dick will be tiny and you fucked by a horss from behind. LOL.

Anonymous Fapper

WTF, Boring.

Anonymous Fapper

4.3 GB Game Good Graphics and some other stuff then wtf on the 1st sex scene of the game you need a Patreon membership of the game :/

Anonymous Fapper

thanks for the warning

Anonymous Fapper

problem with downloading game, states no access allowed…. *sad face*