Lockdown 2024

A point-and-click adventure game with a linear storyline. It is about a young man (18) who’s lived a very sheltered life. His father and stepmother allowed no extracurricular activity, no internet, and no fraternizing with the opposite sex. A new strain of COVID-19 is discovered and the government has instituted a new lockdown. Our hero’s father passed away during the first pandemic and now he’s the only man in a house full of women. He will need to attend university (college) online, help the women around the house, and discover some secrets about his and his family’s past.

Developer: 480 Games – PatreonSubscribeStarSteam | Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese
Genre: Teen, MILF, Big Tits, Big Ass, Incest

Extract files to a local folder and run the executable.

Fixed issue during scene when learning about new outbreak on the News where the TV & Backyard hotspot images were on top of the character images.

Several regression bug fixes

New mission/unlockable scene – Clothes shopping with Devon.
Updated all basement items to include shadows to make them look more natural.
Updated image of sunscreen on the shelf near the dining room to include reflection & shadow to look more realistic.
Added shadows to MC walking animations to make them more natural.
Added MC animations for each stage of growth so the MC will change in look when walking around in his bedroom.

New mission/unlockable scene with Harold’s mom
New mission/unlockable scene with Emma

Fix issue with missing car keys
Remove Addressables implementation

2 new unlockable scenes
3 new characters
Added Translations for Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese (all machine based)
Implemented Addressables feature in Unity to provide allow update-only releases.
Created initial MAC release.

Fixed an issue where Jasmin says “Thanks sugar, meet me in mine and Devon’s bedroom later.” should be “Amber’s”
Updated help text for finding the blueberry lube
Fixed issue with memories not being unlocked
Updated help text in “Get blueberry lube” task.
Updated “Tell Devon the news” task, player will now receive the car keys in inventory
Updated “Check the car” task to allow using keys that are given to player by Devon
Updated the interaction on the car, so it checks the status of the “Check the car” task before “Drive to airport” task.
Updated “The Dragon Queen” hotspot location so that the player can take the book at any time.
Updated the code that handles the car fuses to remove them from the drawer after the player takes them.
Added ability to briefly flash all hotspots in a scene (space bar). This will quickly highlight all clickable objects in the scene.
Fixed the issue with the “Dressed to clean” mission not advancing when picking up the school book.
Fixed cameras in Gym when Devon is present
Fixed initialization of scenes

Fix the Lawyer scene cutting off before the good parts
Fixed so Amber asks if you would like to play the ending every time. This will start/restart the final mission.

Fixed text on page 5 of memories screen
Fixed issue with To be continued scene not playing at correct time
Edited nurse scene to remove references to end of pandemic

1 new unlockable scene
Added option to show ending scene when To Be Continued scene plays
Fixed new memories linking to wrong scenes

2 new missions with 2 unlockable scenes
Extended 3 ending scenes (Nurses, Lawyer & Stewardess)

Updated control mapping to include Inventory as “4” key, moved build app to “5” and removed Shopping App (can still get to it from the phone).
Updated images of MC in ending scenes to include facial hair to be consistent with start of game.
Rewrite of ending scene. This isn’t a major content change.

Over 70 changes to text throughout the game.
Replace hover inventory with a clickable icon.
Move Phone icon to top right of screen.
Added Close hotkey to Dad’s Puzzle and Dr. Note dialog so user can use the ESC key to close them.
Re-rendered Maria’s (Nanna) massage scene to fix lighting issue.
Fixed latest Memories variables not staying unlocked.
Added loading screen to avoid black screen between scenes.
Added ability to change names and relationships of primary NPCs after starting a game. Use the “Contacts” app to make the changes.

5 new unlockable scenes

3 new unlockable scenes
Add skip feature to Naomi’s jigsaw puzzle.
Added a variable that tracks the last memory page the player was on and restores the position on the next visit.

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