Lost in lust

You play as a woman who moves to Los Angeles to make her dreams of becoming an international movie star come true. Will she survive in the city of sin? It’s all depends on your choices through the game.
You can choose to be a loyal and virtuous girl or go the slutty road.
In the game, you will collect relationship points on which your story path will depend.


Developer: RenGames – PatreonBuymeacoffeeItch.io
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, adventure, big ass, tits, blowjob, exhibitionism, masturbation, prostitution

v0.3 Beta

– new les scene
– new straight scene
– some missing drawings added
– changes in soundtrack

Rating: 3.3/5. From 28 votes.
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Marilyn Manson

Please also make for Android. please

Anonymous Fapper

Steam community: “Guyz I’m struggling with the deadlines right now but on the weekend I’m pretty much free. I’ll be taking my GF for shopping in the afternoon and that’s when I’ll get that new console for myself. So lets meet in the evening.”

AVN community: “Guyz my parents just left and I took out their credit card, let’s buy all the adult games we can get, then we can play them all through out the week. YAY!”

This game is specifically for the AVN community.

Officer's Match

Niggers have become symbolic with NTR in these trash games.

Anonymous Fapper

Whereas you have become symbolic with being a whining little Biatch.


Said the symbolic dumb cunt.

Anonymous Fapper

U are doing exactly the same

Anonymous Fapper

Yeah it’s really upsetting that everytime there’s an NTR game it’s solely based on African people cucking white people, with all the NPCs calling them superior or better or an alpha etc. It’s like we never have any choice in this regard. It’s definitely some kind of weird inferiority complex amongst in the black crowd, which they try to get rid of in such an absurd way.

Anonymous Fapper

Why does all females in the game look so ugly and male character looks rather decent relatively? Is the illustrator of this game really hate women or just like men too much? LOL

Anonymous Fapper

Cause you’re gay.

Anonymous Fapper

Don’t call out on the low IQ dumbcunts, they’ve all been ganging up in here, so just keep complimenting their utter stupidity and maybe they’ll let u live a while longer

Misa Misa

To save your time:
Look at the first image here and you have seen the whole sexual content of this release.