Luke and Lucy

Luke and Lucy is an adult visual novel, that would mostly fit into melodrama / drama genres. The story is about a deeply broken family, that never actually had the chance to become a family. Painful situations, hard decisions, seemingly dead-end roads – this is just a small part of what Luke and Lucy is / will be about. Despite its depressing introduction, the fate of the main characters will be filled with beautiful moments and memorable, pleasant events.

Developer: AlexanderGames – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Anal sex, Animated, Creampie, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Ntr, Mobile game, Vaginal sex

Windows – Extract and run.
Android – Install APK and run (If it fails, check, that you have “Unknown sources” enabled in your Android’s settings).

Rating: 2.4/5. From 65 votes.
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Cuck trash failed? Again? It almost never fails? Most people are cucks if you apply the percentage of porn game devs who are cucks to the people playing porn games. Must be 95% of players are cucks according to the overwhelming number of devs who want to put that garbage in their trash games.

Yet strangely these games keep failing to gain interest and funding. Weird. It’s like the real situation is 95% of players aren’t sissy cucks. Imagine targeting that 95% instead of the worthless cuck cohort who amount to little more than a burst spunk bubble.

Anonymous Fapper

what game? i can only see asian vn garbage… trash like you.

Officer's Match

What is with the Episode trash? Too stupid to make a full game?

RanCor 33

And as usual. Fucking NTR garbage.

Anonymous Fapper

I love dramatic stories like this.


One thing I am getting tired of in some of these stories is when the author is talking about a half brother or half sister and uses the wrong term. A step sibling is no relation but I half sibling shares one parent. So when Berta tell Lucy and Suzy that Luke is their Brother Then went “Well, step brother, to be correct” would mean that didn’t share a parent, but they did. All three have the same Father which means they are Half Sibling not Step..