Lust Laboratory

Lust Laboratory is an adult game developed in Ren’Py by Freyleigh.


Ever wanted to own your own Hotel? No? Yeah, me neither. But that’s the situation you find yourself in, and now you have to deal with it if you want to or not.

At least there’s a sexy humanoid robot to be found inside, who’s awaiting your every order, and ready to help you out with all your… itches. Since you inherited the place, you are also now responsible to keep it in tiptop shape and more importantly, to keep the money flowing.

At least you have some (let’s call them friends) who will help you out with cleaning the place up, maintaining it, keeping it safe and provide a good variety, of delicacies from the kitchen. Some of your so called “friends” have to be kicked in the butt to get their asses up of course, but that’ a problem for later.

First, you have to find out what all these odd machines are for, that the previous owner decided to put in his bedroom. Maybe his wife is able to help you out with that.

As if all that wasn’t enough, the webspace law enforcement company SysWatch has been tipped off about you keeping an illegal humanoid in your hotel, so brace yourself for problems on top of problems.

As you see, there’s a lot going on at this Hotel, so get your ass up and get to work. Sorry for the harsh words, but that’s the way things are in the hospitality business.


Keeping a hotel in good shape is not an easy task, but well, how else will you keep people giving you their money?

The first thing you have to do is to give the place a daily cleanup. If you keep that up a few days, your hotels reputation will rise and you will earn money relative to the cleanliness of your hotel.

If you gathered enough money to invest in a better security system, you will be able to raise your reputation even more, which will (you guessed it) make you more money.
The same goes with the other two hotel upgrades after that, being maintenance and a good kitchen.

Basically, the more money and time you invest in your hotel, the more money you can blow on pretty little things for your female companions.

Of course you don’t have to do all that on your own. With time, you can employ a few helping hands, but keep in mind that managing your staff brings it’s own set of unique problems.

Developer: Freyleigh – PatreonItch
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Brother-Sister, Dating Sim, Handjob, Incest, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, MILF, Mobile Game, Mom-Son, Point & Click, Sandbox, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Management, Harem

Extract and run.


Characters and Story:

  • Agatha arrives at the hotel
  • XYD-451 gets new quests and 5 new sexual scenes (3 of those are animated and have multiple stages)
  • New character: Emily is introduced and gets 2 sexual scenes
  • New character: Lisa is introduced and gets 1 sexual scene
  • New side character: SysWatch agent appears in the course of the main storyline
  • New side character: Delivery robot appears in Emilys storyline


  • The following things are now available in the new wardrobe for XYD-451:

– 3 new hairstyles (bald, bob, double-braid)

– 9 different hair dyes (each hairstyle has a main and an accent color)

– 12 different tops

– 10 different bottoms

– 8 full outfits

– 6 accessories

  • Three presets can be stored to save outfit configurations
  • The corruption system determines which clothes XYD-451 is willing to wear at each certain point in the game


  • The hotel can now be upgraded to Level 2 to unlock 2 new security tasks and to increase the daily income
  • It is now possible to hide/unhide each quest displayed in the top left corner or to hide all quests alltogether
  • The players inventory can now be inspected by clicking on the red chest in the MCs bedroom
  • The corruption system was overhauled

Minigames and Events:

New minigame: At the casino, the minigame “21 and done” can be played to win money

New hotel reputation task: The laundry has to be done twice a week in the laundry room

New hotel reputation task: The hotel has to be defended against spying robots sent by SysWatch every other day

New hotel reputation task: SysWatch is planting listening devices in the hotel. 4 of them have to be destroyed weekly


  • New location: Wardrobe for XYD-451
  • New location: The elevator is now in use (animated)
  • New location: The hotel now has a cellar, accesible by the elevator in the groundfloor main hallway
  • New location: A pool and a seperate sauna room are accessible in the cellar (animated)
  • New location: A laundry room has been added to the cellar to facilitate te new laundry task (animated)
  • New location: A workshop is located in the cellar
  • New location: The hotel has been expanded by a first floor
  • New location: Room 101 is now available and will sometimes be occupied by Emily
  • New location: Room 103 can be entered and partially renovated in 5 steps
  • New location: A roofgarden is accessible and will be used in later game updates
  • New location: A casino can now be visited and gives access to Lisas questline and a new minigame (animated)
  • New location: The restaurant “Olymp” can be visited and functions as Emilys workplace
  • New location: Emilys apartment can be visited when she is home


  • New overview sheet for XYD-451s stats on the computer
  • New scheduling program for hotel staff on the computer
  • New clothing store for XYD-451 on the computer
  • All three stores display ads on the computer
  • 3 new background wallpapers are now available for the computer


  • For Win/Mac/Linux only: The cursor changes contextually (e.g. talk, go throgh door, aim etc.)
  • New background displayables for Agatha, XYD-451, Emily and Lisa (doing laundry, cleaning floor, sauna, standing, shooting)
  • Civilians roam the hotel now


  • A riddle has been added to the terminal in the MCs bedroom (remains unsolvable in this game version!)
  • XYD-451s dialogue options have been reworked to limit the number of maximum options
  • New interactive dialogue menu for Emily, Lisa and Agatha

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