Make Them Real

Make Them Real is a character creator for adults based on free mesh deformation and visual morphing, with the possibility of animating them with realistic physics and a simple system. It is in a very early state, bugs are expected, but I will constantly work to fix them and add new features and content.​

Developer: 60Points – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Character Creation, Simulator , Big Ass, Big Tits, Trap, Point & Click, Futa, Trans, Gay, Interracial

Extract And Run.


-Processor: 4 cores
-RAM: At least 2GB usable.
-Storage: 1gb free space.
-4gb Vram GPU (The strand based hair is consuming a lot, in the next version if i can im gonna add hair cards as an option for better performance.)

-The game has many implementations to improve performance, but I will still try to improve them even more over time-


-Visual morphing (Multi-thread).
-FreeDeform tools (Multi-thread).
-Subsurface scattering shader for the skin.
-Save/Load character byte based for performance (With thumbnails).
-Strand based physical hair system, unity tech, running on gpu (When I have some support I will add card based hair for better performance too).
-Free camera (FOV configurable).
-Simple shader editor (Color, gloss, bumps).
-Timeline animation system (Can pose a char, copy the pose to other, animated, save, load etc).
-Simple auto penetration system ( No physical deformation for now, gpu based).
-Complete character physics. (Configurable with mass, tension, weight mapping. RigidBody and Particle based Softbody(
The latter is inactive for the moment until I can improve the skinning method)).
-Precise convex collisions created in runtime depend on each character.
-Inverse kinematic system for easy posing.
-Simple UI(Im not very good at this, so in the future maybe a change for a better looking one)


Future plans (a lot are already in programming stage):
-First Person Controller.
-Mesh more performant and of my own design.
-Custom Skin creator.
-Cloth importer and skinner
-More free deform tools.
-Scenario creator (With obj importer).
-More pose control (Face rig, fingers, etc)
-Physics deformation for the penetration system.
-Pass the multi-thread code to the gpu.)
-Vr Support


  • The visual morphing code has been completely reworked; now it loads in less than a second, there’s no more gender division, and a function to auto-arrange sliders (modular) has been added. LeftControl + scroll over the body to change morphing in that area.
  • A random generator has been added, and you can modify the maximum impact for each area. Clicking on each icon also allows you to choose which areas are affected or not.
  • Some SexToys with their own code for movement, scaling, and cloning have been added (material modification option pending).
  • Basic penetration sounds have been added with their respective code, allowing for the addition of more in the future.
  • The Click system for movement in the Playscene has been modified to make it less complicated and avoid unintended movements. Use LeftControl to rotate.
  • The timeline now turns red when there’s a keyframe present or yellow when it’s automatically interpolating, making it easier to identify which frame to modify when creating an animation. If you want to create a loop, remember to copy the static position, paste it in the first frame, and do the same in the last frame.
  • A function to delete the active keyframe in the timeline or delete all and restart the animation has been added.
  • An orbital camera and FOV have been added to the character creator.
  • The method for moving hair in the character creator has been modified.
  • An initial screen has been added to the character creator (after genital selection) to choose body traits before starting modifications, including gender traits, muscles, and weight.
  • An additional config icon in the playscene has been added to modify each character’s jiggle. For strong jiggle, set the first slider nearly to the maximum and the next two sliders nearly to the minimum; you can experiment with these settings.
  • Resolution issues have been fixed (further improvements possible), and a batch file is included to reset preferences if needed from the previous version or if any bugs occur. The game also generates a custom file just in case.
  • Various graphical and performance improvements that I can’t recall have been made.
  • Many other improvements and content were left out because I haven’t been able to spend much time on the PC in the last few days; they will be added in the next update.
  • For the next update I am going to focus a little more on the play mode, to make it more usable and fun.
  • Known bug, free deform drag function gives glitches in the mesh due to symmetry (the fix has not been added yet but it is practically solved)
Rating: 2.4/5. From 40 votes.
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