This is the story of a young man who actually wanted a very typical life – live his life,
along with his father, stepmother, half-sister and step-ante.
But one day, the young MC learns of several problems that plague his father and stepmother,
there begins the cycle that no one can stop.

Because his stepmother is pursuing a plan, an unknown woman has approached her about the
“God’s” child is to bear to save the world, as it will probably be destroyed in time.
So she tried everything to fulfill the prophecy…but unfortunately it is not that easy.
When our MC accidentally overhears a conversation, he learns that his father has a little problem
and can’t seem to get that wish…

Who needs an old man when there’s someone in the family who can also take care of
…could be a witness?

And so your adventure begins, will you be able to grant your stepmother this wish?
Who is actually this unknown woman and will the world really be destroyed?
These and many more questions will be answered in Maou-Sama,
take the role of the MC and reveal the secrets of your family, solve problems
and meet new people again and again – fulfill the prophecy or do what you want.
What could possibly happen?

Developer: Neko-Hime – PatreonDiscord | SubscribeStar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Romance, Shota, Loli, Incest, Pregnancy, First Person, Third Person, Harem, School setting, Teens, Creampie, Slice of Life, Monster girl, Interracial, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Lopp System, Futanari

1. Extract and run.
2. Extract the Patch in the maou-sama/game folder

Week 3 v0.3

 13000 Words
Render: 715
Scenes: 28
Events: 12
Animations: 17 (1000 Render)

Content Changed

Restore every Hidden Content


Patch Instructions

Download the Patch, Unzip the Archive File into the “game” folder from Maou-Sama

Rating: 3.8/5. From 344 votes.
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Why I don’t get save options in 2nd week in Android version, please anyone help ?

Anonymous Fapper

Utter crap, dev just quit already. “those that can’t, teach” pls don’t even teach.


why was Deadlocked in Time taken down on this side?

Anonymous Fapper

game is being canceled

Anonymous Fapper

Not according to Neko’s discord. Voting and supporter updates have been going steadily.

Anonymous Fapper

Sucks it is a pain cuz joiplay does saves in a different folder….and no clue how to go from week 1 to week 2 because error doing an end save…also can’t even open week 2 cuz effort


finish week1 and name the save
unpack next week into new folder and just go into loading menue, there you can load your named save from week1


Deadlocked in Time has better story and characters than this.


dunno, the time-/dimensional-travel here is harder to follow (pretty hard if you are ´bussy´) than the plot of DiT so far but they are both verry nice Loli heavy games

Anonymous Fapper

deadlocked in time is dead they stopped updating it