Master's Keep

Build your harem, make your moves, and see if you can handle all the heat.

In the game Master’s Keep you take on the role of a young man chosen to gather Source, an enigmatic magical energy. Delve into an enticing narrative where desire and passion intertwine with power and duty, pushing the boundaries of temptation.

Immerse yourself in your new role and assemble and nurture a harem of alluring ladies, guiding them toward your own ultimate fulfillment. Shape the narrative’s progression through your decisions, affecting the relationships and outcomes.

Will you succumb to temptation or rise to become the master of your own fate?


In Master’s Keep, fantasy setting isn’t just a backdrop; it’s what makes everything tick. Magic shapes everything from the characters you meet to the adventures you have.


  • Explore the fantasy world, interact with magical items, meet enchanting characters and become a part of their story.
  • Explore the trainer management style with a hint of sandbox to traverse a world of magic and sexual desire.
  • Rebuild back an old keep that has long lost its glory in your own image – as a tool to push your agenda and become a true master.
  • Pretty much all female characters are aimed to be interacted with in more ways than one. Forge passionate connections with the female characters for that is the main purpose of your journey.
  • Look forward to more and more characters being introduced over time.

Developer: Moxie Studios – ItchDiscord | Patreon |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 2D, Dating Sim, Erotic, Fantasy, NSFW, Ren’Py, Romance, Story Rich, Trainer

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