Masters of Raana

Masters of Raana is an open-world RPG set in an abandoned colony, Ikaanos, on a dangerous planet that was separated from Earth several centuries ago. In this god-forsaken world feudal-like kingdoms fight amongst themselves for power and influence, when they’re not busy dealing with the monstrous megafauna that threatens the last bastion of human civilization.

On this planet, Raana, we find our MC – a nobody who has just inherited a house from his older brother, a renowned slave trainer that went missing over a year ago. Master of Raana’s open-world approach allows you to do anything; live as a quiet factory worker, a thrill-seeking adventurer, a scavenger, an academy master, a famous arena champion or anything in between.

You could also take up your brother’s old profession and train slaves into obedient servants, academy professors, fierce shield maidens, or willing sex toys.

You’re also able to marry slaves, impregnate them and raise your offspring to adulthood, molding your children into anything you want; adventure buddies, accountants, guards or docile servants.

The planet of Raana also has many secrets to uncover, some you might stumble upon whilst exploring deep caverns or reading ancient books. There are many dangerous and hidden mysteries that lie waiting, ready to be discovered by those who seek the truth about Raana’s obscure past.


Developer: GrimDark – ItchDiscordPatreonWiki | Subscribestar |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac | HTML (Browser Based)
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, RPG, Combat, Adventure, BDSM, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Humiliation, Creampie, Male domination, Trainer, Slave, Rape, Turn based combat, Management, Prostitution, Spanking, Character creation, Sex toys, Romance, Mobile Game, Pregnancy

Extract and run (start_game.html).


Tech overhaul

0.8.3 features a complete tech overhaul that improves UI maneuverability by merging several independent slot systems. It also drastically increases the cap of acquirable slaves/NPCs.

  • Wife, NPCs, slaves and the Arena slot are getting merged into the same framework, giving all interactable characters (now referred to as “NPCs”) access to the same type of engine – which is the old Slave Menu framework.
  • A lot of Issid and Wife material will be moved over to the current interaction framework and used there, such as old jobs.
  • All job assignments and titles are open for all NPCs – form a crew of scavenger slaves, make Rebecca your guard, or appoint Lovisa as an accountant. Bud wouldn’t mind working in the clothing store, nor would it be impossible to make Dexter your gardener.
  • NPC cap increased to 80.
  • You can now move around and categorize NPCs – and even rename the Menu pages.
  • You can freely interact with any NPC by just clicking on his or her Interact button (a white head icon), regardless of her position in the menu.
  • You can easily add and remove NPCs to your Follower group by clicking on the shield button next to his/her Interact button.
  • NPCs will appear on the battlefield in the order you assigned them.
  • There are no limits to the number of wives you can have (other than religious limitations).
  • All women can become pregnant and birth an almost unlimited number of offspring that are randomly generated and added to your household just like other NPCs.
  • Instead of using different engines/slots, NPCs now have a status that can be changed based on interactions/events:
    • Convict (Rebecca/combat captives): Can be executed and horribly abused without any legal repercussions.
    • Slave (Lovisa, Amelia, etc.): Same as all “slaves” are in Legal property of a Master. Has some basic rights but can be freely abused.
    • Servant (Laika, Loden): A lower form of Issid. Free in a legal sense but resembles a slave in many ways. “Strip!” commands and other rough acts will have worse consequences in Affection, Happiness, etc, than with slaves/gritters.
    • Mercenary (Enya, Loren, Doyle): A free and proud NPC. Certain actions such as “Brute Force Bondage” have been limited/disabled, or could result in a combat encounter if Affection and/or Corruption is low. “Strip!” commands could also make them aggressive or cause an NPC to immediately leave your household.
    • Paragon (Ayden, Felix): An even prouder NPC. Certain actions are blocked until you reach an Affection threshold.
    • Friend: A slave-servant-mercenary hybrid that is often scripted.
    • Family: Sons, daughters, brothers, etc.
    • Wife: Unlocks special interactions (old Wife texts) and special titles. Has access to all “lower” engines.
  • You can decide to elevate a slave up to servant status, turn a convict into a slave or persuade a servant to enter slavehood.

Roaming NPCs

Random slaves will be deleted once sold/freed but story NPCs return to their roaming position if you unassign them from your household. Lovisa ends up as a maid somewhere, Juno heads back to her grove and Michelle tries to live her life in the apartment in Whitehaven.

  • All roaming NPCs can be reassigned to your household.
  • Releasing a story NPC frees up his/her slot in your household.
  • Roaming NPCs go on living their lives – aging, heal wounds, etc.

Save game patcher (082>083)

While 0.8.3 offers a great opportunity to start a new game, this release has a fully working patcher that converts your old slaves and Issids into 0.8.3 object contained NPCs. Just save your old game in the Home screen and load that save with the 0.8.3 start_game.html. Even if there’s an active reset script, I **STRONGLY** recommend that you dismiss all followers, release all girls from bondage and clear titles/assignments.

Press the patching buttons until all iterations are completed. Note that:

– All former Issids will be dismissed and returned to their original locations. – All jobs, titles and follower assignments will reset. – All pregnancies (wife only) will be terminated. – Current Issid-based kids need to be re-added through the Action $ Events > Debug menu. – Red errors may occur, especially if you didn’t save in your Home interaction screen. These errors are most likely searching for the object container and should be ignored.

The household revamp

The MC’s household has been completely overhauled and given hundreds of new options, buildings and room upgrades. Like the tech overhaul, listing all that’s new is more or less impossible in a post like this but here’s a truncated list:

  • An expanded yard where you can build workshops, small or big gardens, pool houses, dojos, stables and statues.
  • Workshops can be upgraded and turn into real money makers – either as sweatshops, merchandise processing plants or production factories. Employ up to ten NPCs in each workshop.
  • Build “The Stables” to enable a powerful set of new fast travel options.
  • Construct dojos to enhance your own and your followers’ training results.
  • Build a gazebo, add a pool and throw pool parties for all your household occupants.
  • Build a church/lecture hall to preach about everything from wholesomeness to enacting perverted ideas.
  • Build up to five gardens and upgrade them to eventually be able to feed a small army.

The character creation overhaul

MoR’s new character creation framework adds more freedom to the player, who can now combine skill classes, distribute points to Attributes and choose many new traits and disadvantages. Instead of limiting the player to a “Parent’s background > Embrace/Revolted” choice, he now uses a set number of points to purchase skills and pick events/classes.

While traits and increasing Attributes cost points, selecting disadvantages gives him additional points to spend on “positive” abilities.

Gameplay changes and other additions

  • Replaced the REDHAVEN district map.
  • Replaced the HAMILTON SQ district map.
  • Decreased the amount of time spent per sex round from 10-13 to 5-7 (minutes).
  • Having Armand as a follower when processing captured enemies will now increase their sale price with 15%.
  • Bathing at Virax Springs now takes 30 minutes.
  • Processing captured enemies now takes 18 minutes.
  • Using a prostitute at Dockgrave Tavern now takes 18 minutes.
  • Added the .50 cal rifle to MoR’s Loot Tables.
  • Added a counter to the hunting location in Marston Swamps.

Skill books

Skill book yields are no longer dependent on your INTELLIGENCE. Having an INT that’s below 70 now increases the required reading time with 30% (lvl 1 books) up to 50% (lvl 2-3 books).

NPC body type and weight effects

You can now fatten up NPCs, especially the petite ones. Each NPC is able to migrate up or down ONE level from their genetic body level if you increase or decrease their weight through training STRENGTH or by over-feeding.

Roaming enemies

There’s now a roaming group of ultra tier enemies in Ikaanos (The Urban Titans). You can find this band of soldiers popping up at various places, spreading fear and increasing their wealth through “protection services”.

Random NPCs

  • Added 85 names to the random name selector list.
  • Added 3,600 words of random background dialogue.
  • Added 2 new random NPC sets: Av211, Av212.

New story NPC: Kelly McTierney

Kelly is a 20-something woman who can be added after resolving an NPC domestic event (Conclude Day). You need to have a mercenary assigned to your household in order to activate this event. Kelly can enter your household as either a convict or mercenary depending on the player’s choices during her acquisition.

Kelly also comes with a mini quest related to the 0.8.3 household revamp. It’s partly activated after reaching Affection Amiable+.

New story NPC: Adora Sanor

A very cute and docile sweetheart who is unfortunately pretty lacking in skills. She’s like a blank canvass, ready to be shaped into anything from an educated Academist to a warrior-scavvie.

Adora Sanor is immediately added to your household if you pick the Expert slaver level at startup. If you didn’t pick the Expert slaver level, Adora can be found in The Gallery at Crystal Heights auction house.

New story NPC: Einar Corso

A strong, Aesir devoted mercenary that can be found in Westside after day 50. If you picked the Expert soldier trait, Lt. Corso is an old friend of yours who can be hired right away for a reduced fee (and salary).

Lt. Corso has the Ammo pack trait thanks to his connections with the Aesir militia.

New district: South Redhaven

Just south of Walton’s Gun store lies the heart of Redhaven, a completely new district that offers:

  • A furniture shop that’s also an Investment location.
  • Two enemy groups. Each group has one capturable female. One female is a scripted random (Av211) with a unique wardrobe, stats and appearance.
  • A POI “where the boardwalks end”.
  • The magistrate’s office. The magistrate offers five mini quests that are mostly about stuff in the Redhaven area. Perfect for beginners. Fun for veterans.
  • A shortcut across the Lakka Maar forest that leads into Stokke Hills. Small ambush chance if you’re not very powerful.

Combat overhaul

  • The Enemy Review panel has been completely revamped, displaying up to five possible enemies, their starting positions and the enemy group level.
  • NPCs can now start in the forward position if their Melee or DEXTERITY is 80+.
  • Damage bonus now scales endlessly with a factor of + STRENGTH x0.07.
  • Damage bonus from the melee skill now scales endlessly with a factor of + Melee x0.04.


  • Added roughly 400 wardrobe pics for all former Issids. Laika, Enya, Aiko, Adrienne and Loren have full story NPC-wardrobes with detailed Inspect pics.
  • Added 7 new goldwalker scenes (Lovisa, Dakota x2, Aisha, Caitlin, Eliana, Averil).
  • Added 3 Arena scenes for Sofia.
  • Added 6 training scenes for Rachel.
  • Replaced Piper’s old harness scenes.
  • Added 6 new harness/collar combo wardrobe pics for Aria, Piper and Eliana (Tier request).
  • Replaced Rebecca’s and Amelia’s underwear wardrobe pics.
  • Replaced 25 Lovisa wardrobe pics and training scenes.
  • Replaced 22 Lovisa sex/training room scenes.
  • Added 45 sex scenes for Sofia.
  • Added 21 wardrobe/inspect pics for Sofia.
  • Added 12 sex scenes for Aiko.
  • Added 12 sex scenes for Laika.
  • Added 10 sex scenes for Loren.
  • Added 12 sex scenes for Enya.
  • Added 12 sex scenes for Adrienne.
  • Added 80 sex scenes and wardrobe pics for random NPCs (av168, av206, av209, av211, av212).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would summon the diary of Marcus Wright and re-cipher the deciphered cipher found at The Goonies.
  • Fixed a bug that would display the wrong attributes for the NPC variant of the Leather Armor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused butt plugs to raise Corruption way too fast.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause The Stormchild to appear during excruciating heatwaves instead of during fierce storms.
  • Fixed a bug that would display both a vaginal and anal climax while having sex with a virgin.
  • Fixed a display issue that would show the wrong type of weapon when hovering over enemies.
  • Fixed a bug that would display an empty conversation when asking Kira about how her business is doing.
  • Fixed a bug that would display a POI icon in Procoms that were supposed to appear in Raikan.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t apply bonuses to Michelle after confronting Old Cooney.
  • Fixed various sell bugs that wouldn’t allow you to sell 10 of each even if you owned 10 of said item.
  • Fixed a bug that would make an NPC assigned to Nikas still bring in cash even if Nikas was closed due to low Control.
  • Fixed an endless “repeat last step bug” in Divine Juices.
Rating: 4.0/5. From 268 votes.
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I’d advice everyone to use the MEGA link which provides the latest version (083e).

Maybe Admin could update the other links if he sees this.

Anonymous Fapper

does anything actually happen outside of the bar? ive been in the bar just button mashing for a week

Anonymous Fapper

you can buy or capture slave

Best Fapper

Meh, not good, I came here to fap, but the game is difficult to understand, too text to read.. boring…


No android version, i give you a half star.

Anonymous Fapper

Does it work on Android Phones??