Netoria Tactics: Revolution

Join our hero as he ventures down into the caverns, to an almost certain death. Joined by who he suspects might be the love of his life, they’ll face obstacles and opponents that test that supposed love down to its core. Will Carwyn be able to overcome his doubts and fears? And will Gwenivier still be waiting for him when he does?

Netoria Tactics: Revolution is an erotic SRPG with a NTR theme. Said NTR is fully avoidable based on how you play the battles. Other members of the party will try to grope the pair, luring them over to their side. Based on your positioning you can avoid this, but you’ll be at a major disadvantage in the battles. NTR possibilities include three different men trying to win Gwenivier’s affections, a female rival for Gwenivier obsessed with Carwyn, and a male to female transformation for Carwyn leading to him becoming the groups play thing.

You can play the game with all perspectives enabled, or hide Gwenivier’s, only seeing her corruption through context and overheard snippets of conversations. A walkthrough to getting the various routes and secrets is included in the game files.

Developer: Apollo Seven – PatreonDiscordItchWebsite | Steam |
Censored: No
Version: Female Carwyn Update (Final)
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, blackmail, corruption, fantasy, groping, male protagonist, mind control, ntr, oral sex, sexual harassment, spanking, titfuck, transformation, voyeurism, strategy, point & click, rape

Extract and run.

Female Carwyn Update

This update is all about enhancing the female Carwyn route, including two new epilogues as well as changes to late game scenes. Now if Carwyn is heavily down the female route he’ll stay a she during camp exploration scenes and some story scenes. And instead of only one female Carwyn epilogue, there’s now three depending on what happened with the other characters. Slut Gwen + female Carwyn? There’s an ending for that! Carwyn, Gwen, and Vivian all corrupted together? There’s an ending for that too!

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Rating: 2.0/5. From 86 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

Final version again.
Not a S C A M. Trust me.
And in 2025 more one “final version”

Anonymous Fapper

False advertising.
Netori means Bull MC.
This is a Netorare (cuck MC) game.
This game should be called “NetorareA” Tactics not “NetoriA Tactics”.

The Alpha Cuck

I see it’s NTR! But does it have BBC cuck route?

Anonymous Fapper

I never play



Wait another rainbow BBCuck answer to you.

Anonymous Fapper

People are downvoting it unfairly because they don’t like NTR. No duh it’s NTR. It’s called Netoria. It’s definitely not so bad it’s a two star game. I’d give it a four.

I enjoyed the game but it was a bit short. I was disappointed by Gwen not being his girlfriend or wife, or even being a slut prior since it makes the NTR not hit as hard, and the ending doesn’t do much for the cucking/cheating aspect. Gwen being Carwyn’s girlfriend or wife while fucking Orwain or Mordrid should’ve been an ending.There is magic to make it happen, after all. The romance guy can be the one to steal her. Also, a harem route with both Vivian and Gwen would’ve been a nice bonus.

The hidden scenes are a great mechanic and very hot which was helped by the good sound effects. I only wish there had been more H-scenes to make use of it. I’d like the developer to make another one like this since it really scratched the itch but just make it story mode so you can focus on more H-content

Anonymous Fapper

game is called Netori-A
Netori is bull MC
Netorare is cuck MC
should be called NetorareA


Fuck off cuck. What kinda of retarded cope is that? Netori now equals Netorare because you say so? Fuck off spastic cucnt.

Anonymous Fapper

Its so “unfair’ because 90% of guys have NO SEXUAL feitsh for another guys.



ADD REAL porn content – MC fucking girls.
Or cry more DEV.

The Alpha Cuck

Most guys have a BBC cuckold fetish. I’m a perfect example

Anonymous Fapper

You are BBCUCK.

Its normal. You are porr. Ugly. A Incel. Then you need be a BBCUCK.

Anonymous Fapper

This reminds of that one manhwa/novel I read where the guy gets reincarnated into a world by a goddess to fight the demon lord. The goddess makes it so that he gets more powerful the more he gets cucked, however he was supposed to get more powerful the bigger his harem gets, which another gods grants him to try and set him back on the right path.
Eventually, he tries to off himself (as anyone into cuck shit should) and meets a demon lass who gives him an out. Needless to say he joins the demons side and becomes the new demon lord with a huge harem of demon waifus. The god tells his ‘former’ lovers to go and get back with him, to save him, and he slaughters them all. Was pretty good and I hope this shit goes that way, but I somehow doubt it.

raptus sucks


Anonymous Fapper

Guess some insecure cucks got triggered by your summary, god knows how LMAO.


Sounds like a waste of time. Unless you have a hard on for a cuck revenge fantasy.