New Body, New Life

The story follows a man who dies in a car accident. Things take a turn for the weird when he wakes up on the floor of a hotel room, now as an attractive female named Nicole Miller. The new Nicole won’t stand for the previous lifestyle and is determined to take the reins of her new life. Now it’s time for “New Body – New Life (NBNL)” game, by Moccasin’s Mirror, where he can find happiness in this new body and maybe even meet new friends.

Developer: Moccasin’s Mirror – PatreonTwitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Interracial, Lesbian, Futa, Trans, Oral sex, Paranormal

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “NBNL.exe” to start playing.


-Potc event is now reacheble

-Fixed Monica’s markers



Fixed Monica’s 8th event and Helen’s 3rd



15 new events + 1 rework

Around 230 new images

19 new animations

Fixed some bugs on the events

Fixed the hint continuty

Rating: 2.9/5. From 263 votes.
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Anonymous Fapper

“Man die … Woman born”
Cliche game number 2k with same story.

Anonymous Fapper

so no dick?

Anonymous Fapper

Funny how Patreon won’t allow incest but has no problem with sick LBGTQ


It’s out of san fran. Queer capital of the world. I don’t get it though. You’d expect them to endorse any type of degeneracy.


Incest is not on the agenda for today.

You can’t make money off incest. You can’t elect and put people in offices over incest. You can’t marginalize whole entire swathes of normal everyday people with incest. You can’t build a dangerous cult following who go out and shoot up innocent people off incest. You can’t decorate your embassies or disrespect your nation’s flag with incest.

LGBTQ is a giant sales con and scam, and a terrorist group.

Anonymous Fapper

Shut up retard

Anonymous Fapper

If this sick trend keeps going it won’t be long before us STRAIT people will be called queer

Anonymous Fapper

already are. it got so bad twitter declared that cissy is a slur now (used against straight people).
since people kept on using it as an insult for straight people

Anonymous Fapper

dint america already had a program were 12 y/o dance like whores?,(im not even talking about that netflix movie that one is new) and the show promoted plastic cirgury on kids? it ain much difference, america was always rotten to core

RanCor's Revelations #33

Agreed, and then there’s useless grooming tranny trainer gender bending garbage like these games. They’re after your KlDS and anything else they can sink their claws into, more spastic gayness will invariably follow. We’ve already replaced the flag with the rainbow fag rag.

You will own nothing and be gay.

Anonymous Fapper

Funny how so many people get so outraged about ADULT games on ADULT websites for ADULTS.
take the tinfoil hat off and stop assuming that everything with gay or lesbian or even tranny tags on an ADULT website is trying to brainwash children.
Yes it is very concerning that a minority of highly vocal activists have gotten into and politicized companies and the education system with an extreme left wing agenda, and want to make everything about gender identity and skin colour.
But stop assuming that everything to do with the lgbt community wants to indoctrinate everyone. used to be that the lgbt community just wanted equality and not whatever the activists obsessed with pushing agendas are doing. Once again this is an ADULT website, should only be ADULTS on here. And it dose not matter if people are gay or lesbian or trans as long as sexual relationships are between consenting adults

Anonymous Fapper

You die… magic … you are a girl. Very ADULT story.

Anonymous Fapper

It is called cuties.
it was actually filmed in france… but for american company (netflix groomer inc) and audience.
also, one of the 2 directors of the show was arrested for diddling little girls