Catch her if you can!

In this immersive, interactive game, you’re a horny satyr exploring the lush Sylvan forest for spritely nymphs to fuck. He’s going to need your help though. These luscious nature spirits are tricky and spook easily, so conserve your stamina because it’s going to be quite a hunt to catch all 7. And don’t get too cocky – the nymphs do not have a set path and roam around the forest and even spook each other. You’ll have a different adventure each time you play.

For gaming PCs only – the beautiful landscape is built in UE5 and looks best with high-end graphics cards.

The keyboard and mouse controls are pretty simple and allow you to crouch, run, jump and turn in all directions searching for (and hiding from) nymphs. Zoom in and pan around for better control and details. Click “M” once the game starts to see all the controls and options.

Once you’ve caught all 7 nymphs, they are all spent and you’ve won the game 🙂

Here you’ll find a censored version of the game. THIS GAME IS IN DEVELOPMENT AND UPDATING REGULARLY. Our amazing supporters at SubscribeStar get the latest, uncensored iterations of the game with complete sex animations, plus updates on our other works. This is just the start of the DE3D studio, there’s SO much more to come!

Developer: Dark Erotic 3D – SubscribeStarWebsite | Twitter | Instagram
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, 3dcg, nymph, satyr, animated sex, open world, fantasy, teasing, vaginal sex

Unzip the file and select NYMPH.exe

Rating: 1.6/5. From 102 votes.
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