(One more time) From the Top!

One More Time from the Top is a Gay Visual Novel where we will explore different aspect like coming out, dealing with acceptance, self empowering and finding love. All of it based in the glamorous environments of the show business, red carpets and parties (and their dark sides too).​

When your best friend invite you to spend the summer with her you thought it would be a relaxing and fun experience. After all, she’s been working in the biggest and best film studio in the country. Well, you were wrong. A dramatic event will force you to investigate the people you just met and try to find out what dark secrets are hiding.

During this investigation you will meet A-list celebrities, directors, producers and the rest of the crew in the studio. Some of them will be nice but some others… well, not so nice. They are suspects, can you trust them? Are they playing with you? Will you fall in love with any of them?

Developer: Mad Jubal – PatreonDiscord |
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg, Gay, Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Dating Sim, Romance, Corruption, Mobile game
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


-New phone system
-Rework on Gabriel Date
-Old Gabriel date scenes are now coloured
-Old Mr York mini-date scene is now coloured and added a variation image

New Scenes
– 1 Blake scene
– 2 Adam scenes (with variations)
– 3 Dante scenes (with variations)
– 1 Oliver scene
– 2 MC scenes
– 1 Gabriel scene (with variations)
– 1 Puddle scene (xD)
– Gabriel and Mc “together” scene (with variations)

Rating: 1.8/5. From 369 votes.
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Jacob Elvish

Lesbians are homosexuals too.


“From the faggot”. There fixed the title.

Anonymous Fapper

fuck you homophobic assholes that plague this site. if you dont like gay games then dont play them. find some place else to spread your hate

Anonymous Fapper

LMAO. You’re such a pussy. If you can’t handle it, then fuck off back to reddit or whatever containment dump your diseased ass crawled out of.


Ok, stop making all pop culture icons queer like you did Velma, Superman and Batman. Stop grooming kids in the schools and anything geared toward kids like clothes at target or kids shows and Disneyland. Stop pushing your fag flag everywhere and using esg score to manipulate companies to push your butthole worship. Hysr leave is NORMAL people alone. Do we have a deal. Yeah, I thought not.

Oh, by the way opposing something doesn’t mean you’re scared of it. You can just be disgusted or see it as immoral and unhealthy.


lol this website is filled with pathetic loosers fapping to their moms, homophobia is the least of their crimes

Anonymous Fapper

At least, we’re fapping to the other sex.

Anonymous Fapper

The irony is, shit like this is why lots of men don’t have really close friends anymore. If two dudes are close, akin to Frodo and Sam from LoTR, they are immediately labeled as gay. Absolute state of the modern world.


Great point. Ever watch old films? Like 3 Stooges or Laurel and Hardy? People would share beds and nobody even thought of gays.

Anonymous Fapper

In a better time, men could actually be close with each other without any ‘hidden connotations’. FFXV is the perfect example in the modern day 4 dudes that were as close as brothers and look at all the comments about eroticizing their relationship. Absolutely disgusting.


Band of Brothers. The gay stuff is a cult and all cultists warp their world view based on this obsession. They can’t imagine that other people have a different focus and they can’t relate. Remember the cornerstone of lgbrlmnop+ is pure selfishness. That you will concede to their demands. There’s no empathy or tolerance to the beliefs and views of others. They care nothing to the effects on greater society for their actions.


The term “bromance” used to piss me off. A step toward queerifing male friendships. When I was a child guys hung out and were great friends. Not until you got older did most of us even want to hang out with a girl. Just didn’t share interests. I guess that changed now that men wear dresses and makeup and most women are trying to act like men. As kids nobody was exposing you to sex stuff or trying to make you gay like they do now. Kids were allowed to grow up in peace.


Game for monkeypox faggots.

Anonymous Fapper

Is that why you’re here? I don’t see you anywhere else.

Anonymous Fapper

Right back at you LMAO.